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Training of a god

Training of a god

How does a 7-foot-3 Punjabi giant train to be the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion in history? Any way he wants.

Born of freakish size with one of the most extraordinary physiques in WWE history -- let alone the planet -- The Great Khali is a natural marvel. At 420 pounds, Khali's muscles are at least four times the size of an average man. One glimpse at his stature and most would believe he is near indestructible -- in fact, growing up in India, many believed he was.

It is said that as a young boy, Khali would engage in a more primitive strength enhancing exercise by lifting large boulders and battling men nearly twice his age. Years later, the Punjabi champion works out in private facilities, maintaining his near inhuman frame and immeasurable strength using free weights. His bodybuilding regimen includes 600-pound bench presses, 300-pound shoulder presses and arm curls using weights of 150 pounds -- all humble feats for him, though unachievable for most men. According to translator Ranjin Singh, these weights are merely a means for Khali to work out; the goliath has never truly tested the extent of his lifting capacity.

Outside of his personal exercise room, the seven-footer puts his weight training to the test by tossing around live human beings. Unlike other WWE Superstars who may train by sparring with another athlete, Khali wrestles several men -- often five or more -- to not only further develop his in-ring capabilities, but also nourish his myth-sized ego. Crushing their skulls and splintering their bones with his bare but lethal hands, this is how Khali readies himself for his World Heavyweight Title defenses against competitors of an arguably higher caliber on SmackDown.

Khali is unquestionably a physical rarity, but according to the leviathan's associate, the mammoth Superstar also engages in more ethereal daily exercises. Each day, Khali spends 90 minutes in very deep, undisturbed meditation. Seated on the floor with his legs crossed, he brings his gargantuan frame to a still position and channels deities of Indian lore -- the same idols Khali himself has been compared to in his native city.

Once he reaches his perfect nirvana, Khali then receives an herbal massage from eight Punjabi maidens. Using organic oils such as frankincense and myrrh, the personal masseuses tend to the large muscles of the towering champion, augmenting his meditative state. This, Singh said, allows Khali to fully relax his enormous limbs after his exercise ritual, and maintain a comfortable disposition before his grand meal.

Though most of The Great Khali's diet is comprised of vegetables, it is said that he only eats the finest, freshest produce available. From broccoli hearts to full artichokes to whole peppers, Khali is fed nearly a dozen servings of vegetation, occasionally accompanied by full roasted chickens. This feast is also very similar to the meal that the World Heavyweight Champion devours just prior to each of his matches.

After his repast and additional relaxation, Khali enjoys one of the most crucial elements to his training: uninterrupted rest. The large gladiator engages in a 9-hour slumber on an extra-long, double-king size bed. (It should be noted that a California king bed, considered the largest mass-manufactured mattress for the tallest of individuals, is still several inches too short for The Great Khali.)

This, of course, is just enough time before he rises and performs an identical training schedule the next day -- a regimen befitting of the largest World Heavyweight Champion in the history of sports-entertainment.

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