Caught in the clutches

Caught in the clutches

PHOENIX -- They say that turnabout is fair play. However, there was nothing fair about the way The Great Khali disrupted SmackDown's main event Friday night, and brought one of the biggest legends in sports-entertainment down to his very knees.

Khali's attack during Ric Flair & Batista's tag contest against WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino wasn't even meant for the "Nature Boy." Yet, as it turns out, Flair ended up as the biggest chunk of collateral damage.

The fireworks inside Arizona's U.S. Airways Arena began early, as the World Heavyweight Champion and translator Ranjin Singh interrupted Theodore Long and fiancée Kristal's wedding date announcement. (September 21 on SmackDown, in case you're wondering.) The monstrous champion scared off the delicious Diva and yelled in his native Punjabi tongue that only he and Singh could understand.  However, when Long interrupted Khali's rant, Singh took the mic and made his point as to why they were out there.

"You don't like being interrupted, do you, Teddy?" Singh sarcastically shouted. "Well, neither does The Great Khali. But last week, during The Great Khali's Championship Celebration, that's exactly what Batista did. Batista ruined The Great Khali's celebration; he made a mockery of The Great Khali, and The Great Khali wants you to do something about it!"

The General Manager did something, all right: He made a match between The Animal and the Punjabi powerhouse at SummerSlam, with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line. Khali and Singh seethed, but left the ring to ponder their next move.

That move came about during the main event, as Batista ended up under a dual attack. Deuce was also agitated by Batista's actions last week, as he caught The Animal making eyes at Cherry throughout their singles match. And while it only made Deuce angrier when he found his roller girl in The Animal's locker room (with Flair no less, but Deuce & Domino didn't know that) during Friday's SmackDown, somehow Domino helped his fellow WWE Tag Team Champion calm down and focus on the task at hand. Of course, they didn't know that Cherry was actually in there with Flair, or else thi

During the non-title bout, the champions focused their attack on Flair, wisely keeping the larger Batista on the apron. Sure enough, when the "Nature Boy" finally tagged his former Evolution protégé, that's when all hell broke loose…but for the wrong reasons.

As he prepared to Batista Bomb Domino and finish off the match, The Animal was distracted by The Great Khali's entrance theme hitting the air. The lapse of concentration helped the champions recover, and as Khali made his way to the ring and the referee threw the match out, Deuce & Domino gave The Animal a good "Crack ‘em in da Mouth."

The massive Punjabi powerhouse then entered the ring to pick the bones; unfortunately, as a recovered Flair tried to stop the attack, it was the "Nature Boy" who ended up in the clutches of the World Heavyweight Champion. After swatting aside the 16-time World Champion, Khali wrapped his monstrous hand around Flair's head, palming it like a basketball. Using his seemingly unparalleled strength, the champion squeezed Flair's head with a devastating Claw that made the legend wilt like lettuce under a hot sun. Having just endured Deuce & Domino's punishment, Batista was unable to help Flair until the damage was done and Khali had made his way out of the ring. As the broadcast ended, The Animal checked on his mentor, while our fans in Phoenix sat in stunned silence of the World Heavyweight Champion's impressive power display.

Following SmackDown, Ranjin Singh told exactly where Khali's newest weapon originated.

"The claw is a hold that Khali learned in the prisons of Punjab," Singh revealed. "He's held this move back because it is the most devastating move anyone has ever seen, especially when applied by the hands of a 7-foot-3, 420-pound giant."

The translator continued, foreshadowing the devastation it will bring.

"Look at the size of The Great Khali's hand; it's the size of an average man's head. It covered Ric Flair's entire face," Singh gloated. "The pressure he applies with the claw is like nothing anyone has ever felt. It's like The Great Khali is crushing an apple in his hand."

Somehow, Ric Flair & Batista survived the wrath of Khali's latest piece of hand artillery on SmackDown. The Animal has never been one to give up a fight easily, but how will he hold up if it's his head being crushed in the World Heavyweight Champion's massive paw come SummerSlam?

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