Sore loser

Sore loser

BALTIMORE -- Flying high since finally winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions, Jeff Hardy came to SmackDown to celebrate with the WWE Universe (PHOTOS | VIDEO). But being at the top didn't come without cost. Hardy found himself already defending his title against John Morrison, and suffering a vicious attack from former champion CM Punk.

World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy def. John Morrison (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
Just days after defeating CM Punk to win the World Title (recap), Jeff Hardy put his gold on the line against fiery young Superstar John Morrison. In his first-ever World Heavyweight Championship match, Morrison put Hardy to the test in an epic back-and-forth battle for gold. But the high-flyer prevailed, crushing The Friday Night Delight with a Twist of Fate followed up with a Swanton Bomb.

CM Punk attacks Hardy
As Hardy basked in the glow of his first successful title defense, CM Punk came to the ring to apparently congratulate Hardy by raising his arm in victory. But then, in an ugly display of poor sportsmanship, The Straightedge Superstar viciously assaulted Hardy amidst a chorus of boos from the WWE Universe. The crazed ex-champion reigned down blow upon blow on Hardy, leaving him battered and beaten on the arena floor. Then, just when it appeared Punk was done, he attacked Hardy again, tossing his helpless body across the announce table and onto the arena floor.

Cryme Tyme def. The Hart Dynasty (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
At stake, an opportunity to compete for the Unified Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam. Cryme Tyme came up big, getting a win over The Hart Dynasty when JTG dropped Tyson Kidd with a Shout Out. Now, the tag team from Brooklyn, N.Y., is poised to take on Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show in perhaps the biggest match of their career. (Match preview)

Check out the SummerSlam microsite.

Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio & Finlay def. Dolph Ziggler & Mike Knox (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
After losing to Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio at Night of Champions, Dolph Ziggler was looking to rebound in tag team action. Ziggler & Knox mounted a powerful offense, exhibiting control for most of the bout. However, just like at Night of Champions, the champion proved his superiority by getting the pinfall over the brash Ziggler.

The Great Khali vs. Charlie Haas (No Contest) (PHOTOS)
Standing at 7-foot-3, The Great Khali dominated Charlie Haas. But before Khali could finish off his opponent, Khali's nemesis, Kane, came into the arena and manhandled Khali's translator, Ranjin Singh. It looked as if Kane was going to drag Singh out of the arena. However, the enraged Punjabi Giant was able to drive The Big Red Machine back up the ramp. As the tension continues to mount between these colossal forces, how much longer until things boil over?

Melina & Eve def. Women's Champion Michelle McCool & Layla (PHOTOS)
After their encounter at Night of Champions (PHOTOS), Michelle McCool and Melina clashed again in tag team action. This time, Melina earned some revenge when she dropped the champion with a quick-striking Primal Scream to get the pinfall.

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