Who will answer the World's Strongest Challenge?

Who will answer the World's Strongest Challenge?

It's been a little more than two months since Mark Henry returned to SmackDown and destroyed Undertaker after the Deadman had just defeated Batista. In that time, every WWE Superstar that's stood in the World's Strongest Man's path has ended up just like Undertaker: incapacitated.

Funaki? Squashed like a grape.

Kane? Despite being his fiercest competitor since returning, Henry squeezed the life out of him.

Little Boogeyman? Destroyed so thoroughly that he never returned, even after Boogeyman was drafted to ECW.

Those are just three of the most prominent names on Henry's list of victims, one that grows every time someone steps up to the self-proclaimed ruler of the SmackDown jungle.

This past Friday night, poor Joey Blalock was the latest to feel Henry's wrath after the World's Strongest Man's open call for competition once again went unanswered. Within moments, Mr. Blalock was decimated by Henry and tossed out of "his jungle" like yesterday's garbage. The World's Strongest Man didn't care who he was in the ring with; all that mattered was adding another victim to his growing list.

"Where's my competition?" Henry screamed after defeating Blalock. "I am the Silverback, and this is MY jungle! Inside this ring, nobody can beat me!"

So then the question remains: Why hasn't anyone stepped up to Henry's open call for some competition? Could it be that the real question which needs to be asked is: "Is everyone afraid of Mark Henry?"

Granted, any Superstar with a modicum of confidence will believe he can beat anybody on any day; however, when it comes to Henry, no one has even come close. As SmackDown announcer JBL noted on Friday night, Undertaker hasn't even been seen or heard from since Henry unleashed his fury two months ago.

Could that explain why no one has stepped up? After all, everyone in the SmackDown locker room saw what he did to the Phenom, and they've seen what he's done to Kane, Funaki and the others. Are they afraid to step in the ring with the beast, one who could potentially end their careers?

Many of our fans would love to see Batista settle some outstanding scores with the World's Strongest Man -- most notably the one that resulted in a sever injury and forced The Animal to surrender his World Heavyweight Championship in January 2006. Unfortunately, Batista is a little preoccupied right now with chasing current World Heavyweight Champion The Great Khali. As for everyone else, the roll call of Henry's possible opponents these days sounds like that infamous scene with Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller's Day Off; no one is answering.

It took a dozen WWE Superstars to eliminate Mark Henry in the Battle Royal that determined a new World Heavyweight Champion two weeks ago; will it take just as many -- or more -- to finally end his reign of terror on SmackDown?

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