SmackDown: A woman's scorn, a Deadman reborn

SmackDown: A woman's scorn, a Deadman reborn

PHILADELPHIA -- After suffering through the embarrassment of her husband Edge's infidelity last week, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero came to the City of Brotherly Love intent to show the world she was as strong as ever. The jilted bride listened as Edge offered his apologies and begged for her love, and she let the Ultimate Opportunist know she still loved him. But, by the end of the night, Guerrero not only displayed her GM power, but she showed the Rated-R Superstar that his tryst with Alicia Fox had caused her to do the unthinkable -- reinstating Undertaker and placing her husband in a Hell in a Cell Match with the returning Phenom at SummerSlam. Full match preview...

Summer Blockbuster

In a Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer Battle Royal, despite the best efforts of Big Show, Jeff Hardy, MVP, Umaga and Mr. Kennedy, The Great Khali, with his translator Ranjin Singh back by his side, defeated five of SmackDown's greatest competitors to earn himself a WWE Championship Match at SummerSlam against Triple H. The World's Largest Athlete looked poised for the victory, but an already eliminated Umaga returned to the ring and delivered a Samoan Spike, ruining Big Show's chances. After Khali's victory, The Game made his way into the arena, and he and the Punjabi Giant stared each other down, as Khali motioned he wanted the gold. Full match preview...

Before competing in the Battle Royal, MVP welcomed Jeff Hardy into his VIP Lounge, where the cocky MVP accused Jeff of being a failure, bringing up Hardy's stormy past. While Hardy attempted to explain himself, the Franchise Playa kept it coming, pointing out all the negatives that had befallen the Charismatic Enigma, much to the disgust of our fans. Hardy finally had heard enough, and he chased the Ballin' Superstar out of the ring.

New champs on Friday night

After capturing gold at The Great American Bash this past Sunday, the new WWE Tag Team Champions, Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder, were not in tag team action on SmackDown, but Hawkins was in one-on-one action against Festus. The rivalry between these duos is boiling, and the corn-fed colossus picked up a singles win, gaining some retribution for the attacks he has sustained from "The Family" over the past few weeks.

United States Champion Shelton Benjamin proved that he is ready for action with his newly-won title around his waist, taking on Jimmy Wang Yang. In a fast-paced encounter, the Gold Standard continued his hot streak, defeating the resident redneck.

Also, Divas Champion Michelle McCool defeated Maryse on SmackDown, just days after becoming the first-ever champion. The All-American Diva was all smiles with the gold around her waist, but many wonder if the Diva she defeated at The Great American Bash, Natalya, is done hunting for the title.

Kozlov continues to roll

Vladimir Kozlov sustained his impressive undefeated streak on SmackDown, defeating Philadelphia's own, Stevie Richards. After the match, Kozlov made his way to the announce table and told Jim Ross & Mick Foley that he wanted better competition. Will anyone in the SmackDown locker room step up and test the Moscow Mauler?

New look brings luck

The new look and attitude of The Brian Kendrick continued its evolution on SmackDown when the high-flying Superstar defeated Shannon Moore. With Ezekiel by his side, The Brian Kendrick is looking to charge his way up the SmackDown ranks, and there are many, including SmackDown commentator Jim Ross, who feel the sky is the limit for Kendrick.

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