Two in a row?

In a preview of the WWE Tag Team Championship Match at The Great American Bash, Tag Champion Brian Kendrick will meet Pitbull Kid Kash one-on-one on tonight's SmackDown.

Last week, the Pitbulls' Jamie Noble scored a significant victory over Paul London in a singles contest following outside interference from Kid Kash. Given last week's action, it seems that the rugged combination of Kash and Noble might have the Tag Team Champions' number.

"Tonight, I'd like to get a bit of revenge for Paul London and for the team," said an anxious Brian Kendrick. "Tonight's the chance to get a feel for the Pitbulls one more time before [The Great American Bash]."

Walking into what he calls "the most important match" of he and Noble's careers at the Bash, Kash told that he will serve Kendrick and London their second loss to the Pitbulls tonight on SmackDown.

"Kendrick and London are nowhere near as tough as we are," said Kash. "They're not as mean as we are and the thing that separates them from us is that we have a killer instinct. We'll go that extra mile."

If Kash can defeat Kendrick tonight, going into the Bash, it will be Pitbulls, two; Kendrick and London, zero. Who will earn the advantage, two days before the Tag Team Championship is at stake on Sunday?

Tune in tonight to UPN at 8/7 CT to find out.

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