Layla earns immunity

All of the Diva Search contestants from Sgt. Slaughter's second annual Diva Boot Camp have been honorably discharged, with Layla El scoring the best time in the obstacle course. Her win gives her immunity from becoming the first casualty of Diva Search-warfare this Monday on RAW, when the axe will fall on one of finalists.

With Slaughter as the enforcer and The Miz as his counterpart, the contestants were required to complete 10 jumping jacks, a wall hurdle, a tire run, a ring crawl underneath a cargo net, a potato sack hop, jumping rope 10 times and then going back through the tires and over the wall to the finish.

The winner, Layla El, blazed through the course flawlessly, finishing in 36 seconds. Maryse Ouellet finished second, and looked smooth running through the course, but wasn't quite as quick as Layla. Jen England got slowed down at the jump rope station, and finished third.

The worst times went to Rebecca DiPietro and Milena Roucka. DiPietro saw her chances at the lead slip away when the jump rope got caught in her pig tails. Roucka didn't have any serious hang-ups; she just didn't move fast enough. Erica Chevillar had troubles during the ring crawl and running through the tires, placing her time a tenth of a second ahead of Dipietro and Roucka. 

Amy Zidian and J.T. Tinney didn't perform badly, but their speeds couldn't match Layla El's.  It was noted by the Sarge and The Miz that J.T. didn't crawl underneath the cargo net, and had her time been in contention with the leader she may have been disqualified. 

Layla El's victory puts the other seven finalists on the chopping block. Now it's up to the WWE fans to decide who they want ousted from the competition. Which of the seven contestants will be spared from exiting the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search Contest? Make sure your vote counts by text messaging your favorite Diva Search finalist's first name to 86946. (For more info on the Diva Search finalists and voting options, go here)

Find out who the fans cut on Monday Night RAW, live from the AT & T Center in San Antonio, Texas 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

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