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She ain't the lady to mess with

She ain't the lady to mess with

When Victoria came to SmackDown during WWE's 2007 Supplemental Draft, something snapped in the Diva. It seems the former Women's Champion has amplified her tune. Victoria has turned on her edginess, cranked up her sexiness and is determined to show the SmackDown Divas a few tricks she has tucked up her sleeve.

"My master plan is to take over the whole Divas division here on SmackDown. I'm going to show these Divas who is boss, who is the most experienced, toughest Diva," Victoria said with confidence.

"And you know, I do have a sexy side. I may be demented in some ways, but some people find that very sexy and attractive. I know I do," the veteran Diva devilishly smiled.

The two-time Women's Champion said her recent loss to Mickie James was simply a bad stroke of luck, and it hasn't brought her down. As of today, Victoria is determined to go undefeated on SmackDown.

"From now on, I want to be the Diva who hasn't been beaten by another Diva here on SmackDown," she said.

"When I lost to Mickie James, that was a fluke. I missed the moonsault. I hurt myself. I hurt my ankle and my wrist. She took advantage of that -- so that doesn't count," Victoria snapped.

"Plus, Mickie's not on the SmackDown roster. While she may know what tricks I have up my sleeve, she's on Raw, and I have some new tricks up my sleeve here for the SmackDown Divas."

In the last few months, Victoria has cracked open a few inspirational reads, including the best seller, The Secret. These books have given her more security and certainty in herself. It's clear a rekindled, twisted fire has been lit in the Diva's smoldering eyes.

"I arrived at SmackDown more confident. I grew up a little bit. I believe in myself," she said convincingly.

"I'm here. I'm confident. I'm excited. I'm a great wrestler. I'm a great champion," she said. "Not only am I here to prove that to every Diva on SmackDown, but I'm here to prove it to myself, too."

To augment her powerful mental change, Victoria warned our fans to prepare themselves to be rocked by an even edgier, sexier Diva.

"Our fans will see a different look," she said, tugging on a lock of her long, dark hair, now void of red streaks. "I'm simply edgy and sexy. This is me. What you see is what you get."

There is no question Victoria is a changed Diva; she's more confident, hotter than ever and ready to use her demented ways to leave an indelible mark on the SmackDown Divas division.

"I'm going out there and I'm going to beat each SmackDown Diva, one by one, with my Widow's Peak. I think the Divas are going to be a little nervous to face me," she boasted. "Like my song says, I ain't the lady to mess with."

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