Monster's ball

Monster's ball

NEW ORLEANS -- Naturally, it will be a sizzling summer night in late July for The Great American Bash, but with the Big Red Monster pursuing Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship, the HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif., may roast in hell's flames.

After uttering four very strong words to the Rated-R Superstar last week on SmackDown -- "I don't like you" -- Kane has the opportunity to torture the disliked champion and claim the World Heavyweight Title.

"I don't like him. I really, really, really don't like [Edge]," Kane reiterated, his brow lowering to forge a hostile glare. "It's not unique amongst anybody here at WWE because nobody really likes him, but I have a special loathing for Edge because over the years, our relationship has become very personal."

The Big Red Monster certainly demonstrated his disdain for the Rated-R Superstar on Friday Night SmackDown as he crashed the champion's Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans. Brazenly parading to the ring to the tune of "When the Saints Go Marching in," Edge tried to overcome the mind games of his Bash opponent with a mid-ring masquerade. The party, however, soon turned to bedlam as Kane -- well disguised in an oversized king suit -- laid to waste a gaggle of Edge's costumed Cajuns. The Ultimate Opportunist escaped, but will be unable to run as he draws closer to his showdown next Sunday.

Amid the many scars tattooed on the wounded body of the Big Red Monster, within the mind of the challenger lay ill memories of past encounters with the Rated-R Superstar. In 2004, the scalded fiend finally found love in the many-times-conquered Diva, Lita, and even wed the former Women's Champion. However, Kane's ephemeral bond with the former Diva ended, as she turned her back on her husband and ran to the opportunistically open arms of Edge.

The sordid, tangled pasts of both competitors meet their immediate futures in just more than one week at The Great American Bash. According to the Big Red Monster, his deep abhorrence for the World Heavyweight Champion will not supersede his intent to maim Edge and achieve the SmackDown brand's golden prize.

"The match is still going to be about the World Heavyweight Championship," explained the charred leviathan. "But, I will take pleasure in dishing out as much pain as I can along the way to winning the match and the title."

When pain is on the mind of Kane -- a man who has battled multiple times in the Elimination Chamber, competed in the morbid, foreboding contest known as the Casket Match and walked through flames in Inferno Matches -- the level of the intended torture is near immeasurable. At The Bash, Edge will need to protect his title as always, but he must also be certain to prepare to enter the depths of physical torment and hope he can survive at best.

"I have so many different ideas floating around in my mind," said the sinister seven-footer as he contemplated his methods for dissecting the Rated-R Superstar. "Whatever twisted thing pops into my mind at that particular moment, that's what I'm going to do."

Could the scent of sulfur and brimstone signify doom for the Ultimate Opportunist at The Great American Bash? Has Edge merely secured an opportunity to be brutalized? Can mental chess contend with physical butchery? Find out at The Great American Bash, live and only on pay-per-view.

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