Big present; Big Red future

Big present; Big Red future

ATLANTA -- An incensed Big Show made it his personal mission to punish Jack Swagger for his unrelenting attacks perpetrated both on himself and on World Champion Rey Mysterio. Though "The All-American American" ultimately escaped the wrath of his gigantic attacker, he soon found that he could not elude the uncontrollable fury of Kane.

Big Show vs. Jack Swagger ended in a Double Count-out (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Big Show went into his rematch with Jack Swagger seeking major retribution -- both for the ankle lock he suffered during their match two weeks ago and for two separate ankle attacks that Swagger carried out on World Champion Rey Mysterio. In the culmination of his brutal onslaught on "The All-American American," The World's Largest Athlete ignored the official's count, chasing Swagger outside the ring and up to the top of the steel ramp. However, once cornered, Swagger used quick thinking to turn things around, carrying out another swift assault on Big Show's ankle before making his escape.

However, as Swagger made his hasty exit, he was suddenly snatched up by the irate Kane. The Big Red Monster dragged Swagger into a horrific-looking room, accusing his prey of attacking The Undertaker over Memorial Day Weekend. Next week, Swagger must prove his innocence or suffer the full rage of the frightening Superstar. (WATCH)

Team Lay-Cool attacked No. 1 Contender Kelly Kelly
Moments after the WWE Universe learned that Kelly Kelly will challenge Layla for the Women's Championship at Money in the Bank (Match preview), the dynamic Diva was attacked by the Women's Champion and the self-professed "co-Women's Champion" Michelle McCool.

"Dashing" Cody Rhodes def. JTG (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In his hometown of Atlanta, Cody Rhodes overcame JTG in a hard-fought battle. The handsome Superstar proved he's not just another pretty face, hitting the devastating Cross Rhodes to silence his electrifying opponent.

CM Punk forgave Serena; Luke Gallows walked out(PHOTOS | WATCH)
Though CM Punk chose to forgive his Straight Edge Society disciple Serena for disobeying him one week ago -- when she revealed footage of her falling off the wagon to stop Kane's attack on The S.E.S. -- Luke Gallows refused to follow suit. Though Punk overrode his objections, the "Sin-Free Soldier's" defiance was noticeable when he walked out on his fellow Society members.

Drew McIntyre def. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston in a Non-Title Match to qualify for the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match
After ramming Kofi Kingston into the unforgiving steel ring cables, Drew McIntytre hit the Future Shock DDT to triumph over the Intercontinental Champion and claim the final spot in the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer def. Matt Hardy & Christian  (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After Christian stunned the WWE Universe by throwing Matt Hardy over the top rope and out onto the hard floor -- payback for Hardy attacking him on "The Peep Show" last week -- Hawkins & Archer quickly capitalized on the opponents' tag team disintegration. As Captain Charisma made his premature departure, Archer slammed Hardy to the canvas, setting Hawkins up for the "Heat-Seeking Elbow" and the victory.

Jack Swagger assaulted World Champion Rey Mysterio (WATCH)
While Rey Mysterio was still recovering from Jack Swagger's assault one week ago, "The All-American American" burst into the trainer's room and once again locked in his ruthless ankle lock. After dragging his Money in the Bank adversary all the way down the hallway, Swagger presented the broken Mysterio to the WWE Universe. By the time, Big Show came to the aid of The Master of the 619, the damage had already been done.

Dolph Ziggler qualified for the SmackDown Money in the Bank Ladder Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In a whirlwind Triple Threat Match against Chavo Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler, MVP seemed close to victory after hitting the Play of the Day on the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior." However, before the official could count to three, SmackDown Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero yanked him out of the ring. As The Franchise Playa disputed her actions, Dolph Ziggler locked in the sleeper hold to score the huge victory and qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Drew McIntyre apologized to SmackDown GM Theodore Long: Teddy got payback (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Drew McIntyre returned from Scotland with his citizenship issues resolved, only to find his "meal ticket" Mr. McMahon was still out of action. Theodore Long wasted no time getting retribution for the humiliating treatment he suffered at the hands of McIntyre several weeks ago. To the delight of the WWE Universe, he made the "Chosen One" get on his hands and knees and beg the GM for an opportunity to compete in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Only then did Long inform McIntyre that in order for him to qualify, he would have to defeat Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston.

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