A big surprise

A big surprise

DALLAS - When Edge began hosting The Cutting Edge, you can be sure he didn't have the latest edition in mind. After asking Theodore Long for the night off from action, the SmackDown General Manager promised the Rated-R Superstar his biggest guest in The Cutting Edge's history… and he delivered. Kane surprised the World Heavyweight Champion, tossing the host out of the ring and earning himself a title opportunity at The Great American Bash. (WATCH) Read more on this story…

Looking for a Bash invitation of his own, The Great Khali terrorized everybody in his path, promising not to stop until somebody accepts his open challenge for a match at the pay-per-view. After several of Khali's attacks, Batista marched to the squared circle and stood eye-to-chest with the Indian giant. The Animal's acceptance came too late for some, though. Jimmy Wang Yang suffered a double-handed chokeslam, Deuce and Eugene's match was interrupted as both were attacked, and even a producer was thrown almost through a wall. (WATCH)

Elsewhere on SmackDown, Matt Hardy kicked off the night with a victory over United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter. The win was anything but easy as both men contributed to one of the most athletic contests our fans have ever seen. With his victory, Hardy may have taken a step closer to becoming a contender for the United States Championship. (WATCH)

In their first match against each other in each of their illustrious careers, Finlay found a way to pick up the win against Ric Flair, beating him at his own dirty game. Hornswoggle tried to interfere and the "Nature Boy" hit him with a vicious chop. When the referee examined the injured leprechaun, however, Finlay struck Flair in the back of the knee with his Shillelagh. Moments later, Flair tapped out to the Celtic Cross.

Jimmy Wang Yang has enjoyed success in the past few months, winning match after match and coming close to earning the Cruiserweight Championship at Vengeance: Night of Champions. When he faced Chris Masters, though, it looked like time for him to ride off into the sunset. The Masterpiece had his way with the redneck rebel, capping the contest with the virtually inescapable Masterlock.

In other action, the Major Brothers made their SmackDown debut with a convincing win. Chuck Palumbo also had success in his first Friday night match when he silenced the cocky Kenny Dykstra.

During a photo shoot, Torrie Wilson told Victoria exactly what she thought of her: the Diva is crazy. The brawling beauties destroyed the set as they clawed at each other until they were pried away, but the rivalry is sure to heat up further.

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