Michael Cole said it best: SmackDown! hit the jackpot Thursday night.

It turned out the last pick of the 2005 Draft Lottery was just as shocking as the first.

Three weeks after SmackDown! lost WWE Champion John Cena to RAW, General Manager Theodore Long and SmackDown! fans across the globe welcomed World Heavyweight Champion Batista to the stunned roster.

And Batista's timing couldn't have been more dramatic or frustrating for JBL.

Moments after JBL survived a brutal six-man elimination match for the SmackDown! Championship, Long announced Batista as the final draft pick. Batista, wearing a custom suit and draped in his World Heavyweight Championship belt, soaked in the ovation as JBL watched in stunned silence. WATCH

JBL battled most of the night for what he thought would be the SmackDown! Championship, outlasting Chris Benoit, Booker T, Muhammad Hassan, Undertaker and second-to-last draft pick Christian to win the exhausting match.

But after he delivered a Clothesline From Hell on an unsuspecting Christian, JBL's celebration was short-lived as Long announced JBL was now merely the No. 1 Contender to Batista.

Christian gets introduced to SmackDown! WATCH

The future of SmackDown! may never be the same after Thursday's incredible developments.

Meanwhile, Eddie Guerrero showed some disturbing footage of himself visiting the daycare center of Rey Mysterio's son Dominick. Uncle Eddie gave Dominick some candy and promised to reveal a big secret to him down the road.

A furious and shocked Mysterio came to the ring and begged Eddie to keep any secrets to himself, only to have Latino Heat shove candy down his throat and walk out in disgust.

Melina, with the help of the ropes, was able to pin Michelle McCool. It got worse for Michelle as MNM came down to celebrate with their valet and then executed the Snapshot on Michelle, who was eventually rescued by Heidenreich. WATCH

Also, the Mexicools made another appearance, once again interrupting Paul London and Chavo Guerrero during a Cruiserweight Championship match. They promised a revolution on SmackDown! before leaving on "Juan" Deer riding mowers.

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