Domino injured

Domino injured

SAN ANTONIO -- has learned that during a hard-knuckled, in-ring war with Cryme Tyme on SmackDown, WWE Tag Team Champion Domino suffered a broken nose and a possible broken orbital socket. Photos of Domino's injury

Domino and his partner, Deuce, met the thieving Raw tandem on the greasers' Friday night turf with heavy bragging rights at stake. Though the leather-coated champions scored the victory after Domino rolled up Shad for the pin, it wasn't an easy night for the guys from the Other Side of the Tracks. During the match, JTG tripped up Domino, driving him face-first into the mat and instantly drawing blood from the tag champ's nose. Following the match -- and Cryme Tyme's robbery of Deuce & Domino's car -- WWE medical staff tended to Domino where he was diagnosed with the injury.

Tune in to SmackDown next week to catch the WWE Tag Team Champions and for updates on Domino's condition.

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