Final Chapter, New Chapter

Rey Mysterio said he was after redemption when he faced former friend and tag team partner Eddie Guerrero this week. After a physical and sometimes downright dirty match, it appears the rivalry reached its final chapter as Mysterio defeated Guerrero in Tucson, AZ., this week on SmackDown!

Both men battled to the brink of exhaustion with Mysterio finally hitting the 619 and then landing a leg drop off the top rope to record the pin. Mysterio rolled out of the ring with his hands raised in victory. WATCH

Meanwhile, General Manager Theodore Long made one of the most historic announcements in SmackDown! history. With WWE Champion John Cena drafted to RAW, SmackDown! is in need of a champion.

And despite the best efforts of JBL, Long had no plans to simply give the former WWE Champion a brand new title. Instead, six Superstars will battle for this new coveted prize next week in Anaheim.

JBL, Booker T, Chris Benoit, Big Show, Undertaker and Muhammad Hassan, SmackDown!'s No. 3 draft pick, will all battle for the SmackDown! Championship. Who will be the first man to be called SmackDown! Champion. Next week is definitely a can't-miss edition of SmackDown!

Originally, the match called for just five men, but after Hassan and manager Daivari were introduced as the latest draft picks, he demanded to be treated fairly, and given a chance to compete. Long, always a man of equal opportunity awarded the former RAW Superstar the chance. WATCH

Hassan also had his first match on SmackDown!, and it wasn't an easy one, defeating the 500-pound Big Show with some timely help from Matt Morgan. Morgan, who was ringside doing commentary, brought a steel chair into the mix when the referee went down.

Show was able to dispatch of Morgan, but Hassan used the chair to bring Show down and gain the victory.

Meanwhile, the Mexicools -- Juventud, Psicosis, and Super Crazy -- invaded SmackDown! on a driving lawnmower. They declared they were there to take over the cruiserweight division and SmackDown!

Their first order of business came when they took out Chavo Guerrero and Paul London during their Cruiserweight Championship Match. WATCH

Also, Joey Mercury defeated Heidenreich with help from tag team partner Johnny Nitro. At the end of the match, Diva Michelle McCool attacked Melina, setting up a match between the two Divas for next week.

Randy Orton also had some things to say. Orton claimed he deserved the moniker Legend Killer for what he's done in this business. He also claimed Undertaker took advantage of his injured shoulder to win at WrestleMania 21.

Moments before Orton tried to leave the ring, the lights flickered, went off and amidst a pile of white smoke, Undertaker appeared in the ring. Orton scrambled for cover and told Taker he would face him on his terms, not the Deadman's. WATCH

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