A taste of vengeance

A taste of vengeance

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - For Edge & MVP, SmackDown was perhaps a sneak preview and a lesson that they might have their hands full at Vengeance: Night of Champions. The World Heavyweight Champion and the United States Champion teamed up to take on their respective challengers, Batista & Ric Flair, only to find themselves on their backs when the final bell sounded.

Going into Sunday, it is clear that Batista and Flair have momentum on their sides. Can Edge hold off Batista's challenges for a third and final time? Will the "Nature Boy" earn yet another title reign just weeks after joining the SmackDown roster? Read the whole story…

Lead federal investigator Daniel Beck had an announcement of his own on Friday night, catching up our concerned fans with the latest developments in the case. Beck has been able to confirm that in addition to Mr. McMahon and the limo driver, the DNA of another "well-known personality" was also discovered in the limo's remains. As Beck continues digging, the Chairman may be able to rest in peace come Monday when a special three-hour edition of Raw commemorates Mr. McMahon's life. Read the whole story…

While SmackDown marked a night of momentum and confidence for many Superstars heading into Vengeance: Night of Champions, Theodore Long had the biggest Friday night. In light of Mr. McMahon's presumed death and Long's realization that life can be filled with unexpected events, SmackDown's General Manager asked Kristal to marry him. Taken aback, the Diva left the ring in tears, but moments later composed herself and accepted Long's proposal in the locker room area. (WATCH)

Chavo Guerrero hopes the main event tag team match on SmackDown wasn't the only sign of things to come. Along with Jamie Noble, he was able to defeat Shannon Moore and his Vengeance: Night of Champions opponent Jimmy Wang Yang. The Cruiserweight Champion was able to gain momentum and get the three-count over Moore. Though Yang watched his team lose on SmackDown, he has yet to be pinned in recent weeks and remains a threat to Guerrero's gold on Sunday.

Matt Hardy got a match in as well, preparing for his chance to regain the World Tag Team Championship with his brother on Sunday. His win over Finlay came at a high price, however, as the Irish brawler removed the protection from Hardy's knee and repeatedly blasted it like a punching bag.

In other action, Mark Henry rolled through Funaki, further establishing that he is truly King of the Jungle. Also, one of SmackDown's newest Superstars, Chris Masters, earned a win with his devastating Masterlock.

Was SmackDown a preview for Vengeance: Night of Champions? Find out, as every match features a title on the line, Sunday at 8/7 CT on pay-per-view.

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