Third party?

Third party?

CHARLOTTE, N.C. --  Since his assignment to the case of Mr. McMahon's limousine explosion, federal investigator Daniel Beck has been sending tsunami-sized waves throughout the world of sports-entertainment. But perhaps the most shocking facet of the investigation's findings came Friday night on SmackDown when Beck announced that in addition to Mr. McMahon and the limo driver, the DNA of a "well-known personality" -- a third party -- has also been discovered in the remains of the vehicle. (WATCH)

"Forensics has confirmed the presence of DNA from Mr. McMahon, limousine driver Thomas Pagliaro and one other well-known personality," Beck announced. "At this juncture, our investigation continues to widen."

All week long, rumors were rampant within WWE that Beck was prepared to make an announcement. Still, no one could have anticipated the federal agent's statement would include a revelation of such magnitude -- not even the self-touted "master of mental chess," Edge.

The apparent fiery demise of Mr. McMahon has affected each and every Superstar on the roster, including the World Heavyweight Champion. To kick-off SmackDown, the Rated-R Superstar hosted his own investigation of sorts on his controversial talk segment, The Cutting Edge.

Perhaps a bit mentally tweaked heading into his title defense against Batista at Vengeance: Night of Champions, Edge was simply wild in his accusations on Friday Night SmackDown. Introducing his guest, Torrie Wilson, the Rated-R Superstar heatedly berated, castigated and even accused the Diva of being the individual behind the Chairman's explosive departure.

As Beck explained later in the night, all "WWE Superstars, office personnel, and former friends and associates of Mr. McMahon" will continue to be questioned until the case has been solved -- that certainly includes Torrie, with or without the claims of the Rated-R Superstar.

But of that pool of associates, personnel and Superstars (past and present), could one of them share a comparable genetic code to the DNA found by forensics specialists in Wilkes-Barre, Pa.? Who could that "well-known personality" be?

Of course, DNA doesn't mean they did it. The spiral-shaped genetic blueprint found within the vehicle could merely be that of another media mogul conducting business with Mr. McMahon. Or, it may have been some Superstar selected by the Chairman to take out his enemy, Lashley, once and for all.

But say the DNA does link investigators directly to the person or persons involved. The list of possibilities is quite literally endless.

Might it be someone who had a public, well-documented issue with the Chairman such as sportswriter and McMahon critic Phil Mushnick or sportscaster Bob Costas? In addition to current Superstars such as Bobby Lashley and Triple H, could the DNA match with that of Bret Hart, The Rock, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior -- Superstars of times gone by, left with a foul taste in their mouth from Mr. McMahon's maniacal ways?

Considering the past, one can't discount the possibility of former WWE employees that have been abruptly terminated by Mr. McMahon. Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff and countless others have heard the words, "You're fired!" uttered by the late impresario.

Speaking of moguls, might there be some credence in the possibility that another top media giant may have played his or her hand in an attempt to hinder the "entertainment juggernaut" known as WWE? Might rivals of Mr. McMahon's like Donald Trump, Ted Turner, or other names of status like Rosie O'Donnell or Bill Gates be to blame?

Who else might look to deflate the Chairman's billion-dollar business by taking out its top official and overlord? Revenge couldn't be sweeter for Jim Crockett or Verne Gagne (and son, Greg), whose defunct promotions fell at the feet of Mr. McMahon's empire.

Let's not omit those sharing their namesake with the presumably deceased Chairman: Shane, Linda and even the tear-filled Stephanie McMahon. Could the third DNA sample found at the scene bear an overwhelmingly striking similarity to that of the McMahon family patriarch?

One thing that's certain is that Beck's investigation continues this coming Monday on a special three-hour edition of Raw. Though a Mr. McMahon memorial service is scheduled for Monday, it could very well turn into an evening of further discovery as every competitor, Diva and official from all three brands is required to attend.

This week on Raw, will federal agents reveal the identity of the third party whose DNA was discovered within the limo? Will any other ground be broken or announcements be made on Monday night? Will Beck dig his way to the bottom of this case?

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