Down with the king?

Bobby Lashley defeated William Regal last week on SmackDown, earning the right to face King Booker tonight. The United States Champion and the King have a long history; in fact, it was Lashley that Booker defeated to become royalty in the first place.

Two weeks ago on Friday Night SmackDown, Lashley was victorious over King Booker in a rematch; but after the bout, Finlay & William Regal attacked the champion, forcing him to bow down and kiss the King’s feet. It was a disgusting moment for Lashley, and the normally soft-spoken champion is looking for a little payback tonight.

“Yeah that was humiliating. I never thought I’d have to watch my back, side and everything,” Lashley told “He had a couple people jump in there and all I want is payback. I want to beat Regal, I want to beat Finlay and I want to hurt Booker, all for doing that.”

Since the moment his match with Regal ended, Lashley has been looking forward to tonight’s encounter.

“Yeah I can’t wait. I don’t even care about the bell ringing; I just want to get my hands on him any way, shape or form,” a fired up United States Champion said. “(Whether) I’ve got to come before the match or after the match, I want to beat Booker down.”

Of course, the King sees things a little differently. In fact, he’s surprised that the United States Champion even wants the opportunity to face him.

“You’d think Lashley would have learned his lesson a couple of weeks ago,” the King said.  “I beat the man down; I made him bow and kiss my feet. Lashley is nothing but a peasant.”

Lashley may only be a peasant to King Booker, but he’s a peasant on a mission tonight. Can he take the King down or will royalty prevail in the rubber match?

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