Road to Raw

Road to Raw

BILOXI, Miss. -- With their battered bodies still feeling the effects of a brutal Extreme Rules, the SmackDown Superstars went to war again with their sights set on Monday's WWE 3-For-All on Raw, where the World Heavyweight, WWE and ECW titles will all be contested. (VIDEO preview)

Edge def. Jeff Hardy (Disqualification) (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
With new World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk watching from the announce table, former champions Edge and Jeff Hardy battled it out in the night's main event. At stake was a chance to face CM Punk for his title this Monday on Raw. The match was made at the start of the night by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long (PHOTOS | VIDEO)

In a back-and-forth struggle, Hardy and Edge pushed themselves to the limits of endurance. As the action spilled to the arena floor, Edge tossed Hardy onto CM Punk, who was seated at the announce table. Mayhem then ensued, when Punk pursued Edge back in to the ring and assaulted him with a series of punches.

Realizing he lost the match due to Punk's interference, an angry Jeff Hardy reigned down blows on Punk, then took out his frustration on Edge with a Twist of Fate. But it was the champion who had the final word when he destroyed Hardy with a Go to Sleep.

As Punk stood over the fallen former champions, GM Theodore Long made the blockbuster announcement from his office that it will be Edge vs. Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk in a Triple Threat Match on Raw for the World Heavyweight Championship. (Raw coverage)

World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk def. Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho (Non-title) (VIDEO | PHOTOS)
Jericho has been angry for weeks over not being considered for an opportunity at the World Title. After expressing his displeasure to Teddy Long, the GM announced Jericho could face new champion CM Punk. So, just before joining the announce team for the main event, Punk took on Jericho one-on-one. Despite Jericho's bold prediction, his guarantee for victory did not come true, as Punk dropped him with a Go to Sleep. The win was Punk's first as new champion.

Dolph Ziggler def. The Great Khali (Count-out) (PHOTOS)
Up against a formidable foe in The Great Khali, Dolph Ziggler employed an interesting strategy to get the win. By grabbing hold of Khali's interpreter, Ranjin Singh, and roughing him up, Ziggler knew he'd draw the attention of the 7-footer. With Singh in his grasp and Khali in pursuit, Ziggler waited until the last moment to jump back in the ring and avoid the referee's 10-count.

Michelle McCool & Layla def. Women's Champion Melina & Eve (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
Last week, Women's Champion Melina was upset in a Six-Diva Tag Match. On this night, it was Layla's partner, Michelle McCool, who delivered another loss to the champion by stunning her with a Faithbreaker.

R-Truth & John Morrison def. Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas (PHOTOS)
Four young and hungry Superstars put on a fantastic display of athleticism, but it was John Morrison who reigned supreme. The Friday Night Delight put away Charlie Haas with a Moonlight Drive followed up by the Starship Pain for the win.

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