Shake Rattle and Rollin' to the Extreme

Shake Rattle and Rollin' to the Extreme

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- From the home of Elvis Presley & Graceland, the fury of Extreme Rules (Extreme Rules coverage) reached its final stop as it prepares to unleash itself upon the WWE Universe in just two days. And the Extreme anticipation it brought with it created an absolute rhythm & blues frenzy of unprecedented aggression that turbo-charged Friday nights into a whole new stratosphere of rock & roll intensity.

"The Cutting Edge" (PHOTOS | VIDEO); World Heavyweight Champion Edge def. Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio (PHOTOS| VIDEO)
Surrounded by an Extremely dangerous array of metal rungs, World Heavyweight Champion Edge presented "The Cutting Edge" with his Extreme Rules challenger Jeff Hardy as his special guest. Staring each other down from on top of dueling ladders high above the ring, both Superstars predicted victory, in what promises to be one of the greatest Extreme matches of all time. But amidst the excitement, The Ultimate Opportunist locked in on his chance to strike, hitting Hardy with the hanging World Heavyweight Championship before thrusting his ladder ruthlessly downward, sending The Charismatic No. 1 Contender crashing to the floor.   

Later that evening, the World Heavyweight Champion took on the Intercontinental Champion for the first time ever on SmackDown, as Edge faced off with Rey Mysterio in a Champion vs. Champion Match. In the end, despite the fact that Mysterio was able to hit the lethal 619, Edge miraculously avoided his fatal follow-up, allowing him to drill his masked opponent with a devastating spear for the victory. But, when The Master Manipulator tried to use the ladder on Mysterio after the bell, Jeff Hardy charged to the rescue. After disarming Edge with the help of his trusty chair, Hardy hit Edge with a jaw dropping leg drop off the top of the ladder. Could this be a sign of things to come at Extreme Rules this Sunday?

Chris Jericho def. R-Truth (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
R-Truth infuriated Chris Jericho, interrupting the eight-time Intercontinental Champion as he was promising to take Rey Mysterio's title and ruin his life in their No Holds Barred Match at Extreme Rules. R-Truth responded by proclaiming that he would show his imminent SmackDown opponent "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

Despite R-Truth's dynamic entrance and gutsy statements, Jericho proved triumphant in the end, hitting the Codebreaker on R-Truth as the high-octane Superstar was propelling himself off the ropes. However, after the match, Mysterio got some payback on the First-ever Undisputed WWE Champion for last week's sneak attack, unleashing an absolutely furious assault on his Extreme Rules opponent before exploding upon him with the sitting senton on the hard concrete.

CM Punk def. Umaga (PHOTOS | VIDEO)
Just two days before their Samoan Strap Match at Extreme Rules, The Straightedge Superstar captured the momentum, executing the GTS on Umaga as The Samoan Bulldozer was distracted by his own Samoan Strap. Will the outcome be different when the straps are wielding freely on the one night of the year when all of WWE goes Extreme?

Michelle McCool, Layla & Alicia Fox def. Women's Champion Melina, Gail Kim & Eve (Six-Diva Tag Team Match)  (PHOTOS | VIDEO) Even with special guest referee Maria present to maintain order, Diva mayhem ensued outside the ring. The bedlam allowed Michelle to interfere, setting up Layla to hit the neckbreaker on Melina and score a pin on the fierce Women's Champion.

John Morrison def. Shelton Benjamin (PHOTOS)
Heroically fighting through a painful knee injury acquired during the match, The Friday Night Delight reigned supreme, utilizing the Starship Pain in the culmination of a fierce match with the athletically-gifted Gold Standard. 

The Great Khali def. Dolph Ziggler (PHOTOS)
After the brutal chair attack by Ziggler several weeks ago, The Great Khali finally achieved a satisfying degree of retribution, burying his cocky opponent with The Punjabi Plunge.

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