The Animal is Running Wild

The Animal is Running Wild

Colorado Springs, Colo. -- With just two days until his Stretcher Match against Shawn Michaels at One Night Stand, Batista continued to show his ferocious determination, smashing through Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder on this week's SmackDown, with a little help from Big Show. (WATCH)

Earlier in the evening, as Batista was sending Michaels a message of the hurt he will cause The Showstopper on Sunday, General Manager Vickie Guerrero took strong exception to what she felt was rude behavior on the part of The Animal. She set a tag team match pitting Hawkins & Ryder against Batista and any Superstar who wanted to volunteer to be his partner.

Big Show answered the call, and he and Batista laid waste to their opponents in a mismatch from the beginning, including a startling moment when The World's Largest Athlete heaved Ryder from the outside floor into the ring by his hair, one-handedly. Although an explosive Batista Bomb ended this match, will it be Shawn Michaels who catches The Animal's fallout on Sunday?
Can't break through
Since defeating MVP for the United States Championship at Backlash, Matt Hardy continues to establish himself as a fighting champion, defeating Elijah Burke in a hard fought, non-title match. Burke, who shows great potential in his matches, seems to be getting more and more frustrated at his inability to break through to the next level. In the end, he seemed lost and confused, looking up at the heavens for answers. (Watch the Alka-Seltzer® Speedy Recap)

Past the boiling point
After last week's humiliating loss to Finlay, thanks in part to the green mist of Hornswoggle, Chuck Palumbo had his mind set on revenge. When Hornswoggle got involved once again, Palumbo snapped, assaulting Finlay with his motorcycle chain, giving the Irishman the win by disqualification at a heavy price. 

Miz out; Morrison down; momentum to Punk
Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk and WWE Tag Team Champion John Morrison fought for momentum leading into the Singapore Cane Match at One Night Stand, where the winner will go on to face ECW Champion Kane. After The Miz was banned from ringside, Punk picked up the hard-fought win. One has to wonder if Mr. Money in the Bank will cash in on the most Extreme night of the year, or if he will continue to bide his time until WrestleMania XXV.  

He's better than you
SmackDown commentator Mick Foley alluded to Montel Vontavious Porter being a bit unsure of himself since losing the United States Championship. However, after a huge loss to Batista last week, MVP got back on track, picking up the win over Jamie Noble. Noble had tried to inspire MVP earlier in the night, but the Ballin' Superstar was hearing none of it, choosing instead to showcase why he believes he is "half-man, half-amazing." With the Draft on the horizon, will MVP soon become the highest-paid athlete on another brand? 

From Moscow with animation
Vladimir Kozlov continues to dominate the SmackDown roster, decimating Shannon Moore. The Monster from Moscow remains undefeated on SmackDown, and is becoming a huge force on Friday nights.  

Cherry gets payback
After delivering a nasty kick to fellow SmackDown Diva Cherry last week, the sultry Maryse locked horns with Michelle McCool. When Cherry showed up to distract Deuce & Domino, McCool turned the tables on Maryse, picking up an impressive win by submission.

It's not gonna be that easy
On what could be his final SmackDown, Undertaker was a guest on The Cutting Edge, standing face-to-face with his TLC Match opponent, Edge.

The Rated-R Superstar looked to gain the upper hand in their confrontation on Sunday and, with "The Family" by his side, attempted to close the casket on The Phenom's impressive career.

As he celebrated, the arena went dark and The Phenom appeared on top of the ladder, sending a message of his own just 48 hours before the World Heavyweight Championship hangs above the ring at One Night Stand. (WATCH) Read the Full Story...

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