Dream Team

It was another good night for the big winners at SummerSlam.

World Heavyweight Champion Batista, United States Champion Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio teamed up to defeat JBL, Orlando Jordan and Eddie Guerrero in a wild six-man tag main event Thursday.

Despite many of the wrestlers still hurting from their SummerSlam matches, all six men were determined to leave Greensboro, North Carolina, with a victory.

Orlando Jordan, who lost his United States Championship in a mere 25 seconds to Chris Benoit at SummerSlam, suffered through a 619, a Benoit German suplex and a Batista Bomb in that order to end the match.

Meanwhile, WWE Hall of Famer Cowboy Bob Orton opened the show by introducing and praising his son Randy Orton for defeating Undertaker at SummerSlam. Of course, Bob Orton played a big role in that victory when he disguised himself as a fan and distracted Undertaker.

Orton went on the defeat Hardcore Holly in a very difficult match. In fact, Bob Orton once again got the assist, distracting Holly late in the action just long enough for Orton to connect with a RKO.

Later, Randy and Bob Orton mocked Undertaker backstage by signing a copy of Undertaker's new DVD "Tombstone" and giving it to WWE Auction to raise money for the "Undertaker Retirement Fund."

Click here for more info and how to bid on the DVD.

In huge news, Network Executive Palmer Canon and SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long announced that SmackDown! will be moving to Friday nights beginning Sept. 9. Long added to the excitement when he took Canon's advice and announced a SummerSlam rematch between World Heavyweight Champion Batista and JBL as the Sept. 9 main event.

Long also tried to announce a Lingerie Pillow Fight between Christy Hemme and Stacy Keibler, who were both recently acquired from RAW via a blockbuster Diva trade.

Palmer thought a Lingerie Pillow Fight was unacceptable, and informed Long that the match wouldn't be allowed on television. However, while that match was too hot for television, Long has sent the footage to WWE.com, and you can see it by clicking here.

Christian, fresh off last week's attack by the Mexicools, invited Booker T and Sharmell as his guests on the Peep Show. Christian asked Booker if the couple was still on speaking terms after last week's disagreement after their mixed tag match.

Christian then asked Booker T what he's done lately, prompting Sharmell to tell her husband to stop worrying about her and focus on his career. Moments later, the Mexicools invaded the set again, triggering an all-out brawl that ended with Booker T clearing house.

Later in the show, per a match created by Long, Psicosis and Super Crazy defeated Booker T and Christian in a tag match when Christian walked off after getting a bloody nose.

Heidenreich, with Road Warrior Animal in his corner, defeated Johnny Nitro of MNM by disqualification when Joey Mercury drilled Heidenreich with a chair to the knee.

Chris Benoit was still basking in the glory of his incredible win over Orlando Jordan at SummerSlam. Benoit made Jordan tap out in 25.5 seconds. The Crippler even tried to make a cup of coffee in the time it took him to win the United States Championship.

The unique Mr. Kennedy made his SmackDown! debut by defeating Funaki. Kennedy also did the ring introductions for the match.

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