Cherry receives Maryse's sweet kick

Cherry receives Maryse's sweet kick

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Silence filled the Wells Fargo Arena, as Cherry laid on the mat. As the SmackDown Diva slowly regained her strength Maryse, took one step back, two steps forward, and landed a kick squared to Cherry's face sounding off a loud crack before getting the pin. Cherry was left with her head on the mat staring at the arena's roof while her ex-boyfriend, Deuce and her brother, Domino walked off celebrating with Maryse. (WATCH)

It was the latest event in a series of altercations between SmackDown's two Divas. Their conflict hit a fever pitch two weeks ago when "sweet" Cherry smacked the self-proclaimed "Sexiest of Sexy" Diva's jaw after being dumped by Deuce moments before the snobbish blonde derided her.

"I don't know what Maryse's problem is. I never did anything to her for her to have it out for me," Cherry said. "To want to damage my face, she must have low self-esteem."

Since her devastating breakup with Deuce, and Domino turning his back on her, Cherry is doing her best to keep herself together.  Despite the turmoil, Cherry remains optimistic that the outcome will work in her favor. 

"No matter what, they are my boys and I will love them no matter what mistakes they make in life. Hopefully they will wake up soon and come to their senses. Then, they will realize that Maryse is just a mean, materialistic, snobby girl with low self-esteem. I guess everyone has to learn from his mistakes and my boys are just going to have to learn that I'm the only one in the world that really cares about them," Cherry explained.

"I'm used to women trying to say that I have low self-esteem and personal issues. Those are all things that women try to say to convince themselves that they're better," Maryse responded. "Look at Cherry. She has no confidence. I have a lot of confidence and people love that. People don't want to be around her, because she has a bad aura. I think she needs help with her look, her personality, and with being more confident. Cherry doesn't have a place in the WWE. She doesn't look like a Diva, although she tries. Tonight, I proved in the ring that she doesn't belong here."

Maryse has been determined to get even with Cherry, and last week she was derailed when she lost to Cherry in a singles match. This explains Maryse's jovial mood after sealing the victory. Maryse believes Deuce's ex-girlfriend got her "just desserts."

"First of all, I kicked her because I was there to win. She slapped me in the face, so that's what she gets. It's not my fault that Deuce ‘n' Domino saw something better in me than in her. I'm the sexiest of sexy women that every man wants to be with. If you look at Cherry and you look at me, it's obvious why they would leave her for me."

Maryse is certain that her incident with Cherry sent a clear message to every Diva in the locker room -- and alerted them just how dirty she can play. 

"If people are talking good or bad about me, that's good. They're thinking about me. That's the most important thing. It shows that I'm such an amazing and unique person. They want to be like me, subconsciously," Maryse described. "If Cherry tries to come after me, I'll be there waiting and if she needs help with another make-over I'm there."

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