Stepping Over the Limit

Stepping Over the Limit

OTTAWA, Canada -- With WWE preparing to go Over the Limit this Sunday, Big Show continued to make life difficult for World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger. After Big Show caused him to lose a match with Kofi Kingston, the No. 1 contender to the World Title repelled "The All-American American's" steel chair attack later in the main event with his gigantic fist of fury. 

Big Show def. Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Seconds after Big Show chokeslammed Drew McIntyre, Jack Swagger attacked The World's Largest Athlete, giving Big Show a non-title victory over the "Chosen One" by disqualification. Swagger then delivered a post-match onslaught, stomping on his gigantic adversary's powerful right hand. But, when he tried to utilize a steel chair against his Over the Limit challenger, Big Show punched it out of his hands with epic force.

Will Jack Swagger successfully defend his World Title in two days against an irate giant? (Match preview)

Rey Mysterio & MVP def. CM Punk & Luke Gallows(PHOTOS | WATCH)
Two days before he will face Rey Mysterio at Over the Limit, CM Punk inducted three members of the WWE Universe into The Straight Edge Society. Following the pledge, the new inductees had their heads shaved to show their devotion in actions as well as words.

Mysterio then emerged, putting a quick end to the festivities when he revealed a doctored photo of The Straight Edge "savior" with his head shaved bald. The Straight Edge Society took out their frustration by attacking their new members and knocking them from the ring. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Later, Mysterio teamed with MVP to take on The Second City Saint and his "sin-free soldier" Luke Gallows. As The Master of the 619 attempted to dial up his favorite maneuver on Punk, the hooded stranger -- who had attacked Mysterio on three separate occasions -- once again emerged out of nowhere. This time, The Ultimate Underdog proved ready for the surprise. After attacking the anonymous assailant with absolute fury and ramming him into the steel ring post, Mysterio used his supreme athletic ability to counter Punk and pick up the quick pin.

Will Mysterio's mock image of Punk's bald head become reality this Sunday? Or will The Masked Superstar be forced to take the Straight Edge Pledge?  (Match preview)

Dolph Ziglger attacked Christian on the "Peep Show" (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Christian opted to reject Official Consultant to SmackDown Vickie Guerrero's "generous" offer to be the guest on his first "Peep Show" since he returned to Friday nights several weeks again. Instead, Captain Charisma welcomed special guest Hornswoggle and proceeded to teach him some important Canadian terminology. But when Vickie and Chavo Guerrero entered the arena, their distraction allowed Dolph Ziggler to attack Christian from behind and execute the Zig Zag. Chavo then followed it up with the frog splash off the top rope.

Kofi Kingston def. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger in a Non-Title Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Last week, Jack Swagger's life-long collection of trophies and awards were destroyed by his Over the Limit No. 1 contender, Big Show. Also last week, Kingston defeated Christian to seemingly become Intercontinental Champion -- only to have the title taken away from him by SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long via orders from Mr. McMahon in a hand-delivered letter by Drew McIntyre.
In the extremely explosive match, "The All-American American" was overcome by Kofi Kingston, who surprised him with a flying cross-body off the top rope after Big Show provided an effective verbal distraction.

Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer def. local competitors(PHOTOS | WATCH)
Looking to make an a immediate impact with just 22 days left in their limited, 30-day contract with SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, Vance Archer & Curt Hawkins proved victorious on the wings of Hawkins' devastating elbow drop off the top rope.

JTG def. Caylen Croft (PHOTOS | WATCH)
JTG absolutely ignited the WWE Universe with his fast-paced offense and "back to the block" attitude, reigning supreme over one half of The Dude Busters with the Shout Out.

Women's Champion Layla & Michelle McCool def. Kelly Kelly & Tiffany  (PHOTOS | WATCH)
One week after Layla pinned Beth Phoenix in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match to win the Women's Championship, she and Michelle came to the ring wearing matching Women's Titles, as the "self-professed" co-Women's Champions. Despite a very effective offense by Kelly Kelly & Tiffany, Team Lay-Cool ultimately triumphed after Michelle turned the tables on Tiffany with an earth-shattering Faithbreaker out of nowhere.

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