DiMaggio, Ripken...London & Kendrick?

At Judgment Day, Paul London & Brian Kendrick will finally get their opportunity at MNM's WWE Tag Team Championship. London & Kendrick seem to have the champions' number, having defeated them four consecutive times and humiliating them last week on SmackDown.

But before Judgment Day, MNM will have one last chance to break the losing streak. Friday night, they will take on London, Kendrick & Jillian in a Six-Person Tag Team Match. According to London, this match may actually be the most important of the bunch.

"If we can get another victory over them, it would give us that mental edge heading into Judgment Day," London told WWE.com in a phone interview. "I think we have it, but I don't want to get too far ahead of myself." Kendrick agrees, saying that "if we beat them again, it will hopefully make them awful nervous before Judgment Day."

Four victories in a row over anyone is an impressive feat, but when you do it to the WWE Tag Team Champions, it's magnified even more. So what if London & Kendrick lose this week on SmackDown? "A loss is a loss, but we still know what we're capable of and what we've done," London opined. "If we lose, it would hurt, but we're confident. Who knows, maybe if they beat us it will make them over-confident."

No matter what, it's sure to be another big match in an intense rivalry that began right after WrestleMania 21. London & Kendrick answered MNM's open challenge, defeating them in a Non-Title Match on the April 7 SmackDown. London & Kendrick interrupted Melina's signature entrance, which may have upset some of the fans, but they made up for it when London rolled up Mercury for the pinfall.

Over the next two weeks, MNM tried their hand in singles matches, but fared no better, as Kendrick defeated Nitro and London once again pinned Mercury. After a fourth consecutive loss in a Six-Man Tag Team Match, the champions had no choice but to give them a chance at the WWE Tag Team Championship.

That came on May 5, but the champions, sensing that London & Kendrick had their number, didn't let the match begin. As any man would be, the challengers were distracted by Melina's stunning entrance. That allowed MNM to ambush them from behind, laying them out with several Snapshots.

London & Kendrick would get them back the following week, however. MNM came out to gloat about their actions, but Jillian interrupted Melina. As the two Divas traded insults, London & Kendrick came from behind and stripped MNM of their pants, leaving the champions in a compromising position. Further satisfying the crowd, Jillian did the same to Melina in a spot that I'm sure was replayed on many TiVo sets. 

To use a football analogy, this upcoming Six-Man Tag Team Match now gives London & Kendrick a chance to "win one for the thumb." Win or lose, it's one more chance to feel out the opposition. "While the championship isn't on the line, it's important for us to get some last-minute strategizing," Kendrick said. "Even though we've been on a roll, it's a whole different ballgame when the gold is on the line. The more we can wrestle them before that, the better it is for us."

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