Arrogant or confident?

SmackDown will feature a blockbuster tag team bout tonight as Finlay & Booker T team up to take on Chris Benoit and his protégé Gunner Scott. But if you talk to Finlay and Booker, the outcome of the match is a foregone conclusion.

Booker T has a history with Gunner Scott, as Scott picked up a shocking win over the five-time WCW Champion in his SmackDown debut just more than a month ago. While Booker T is no stranger to Chris Benoit, Finlay is also very familiar with the Rabid Wolverine, and they will face off in what promises to be a brutal fight at Judgment Day. So, with so much bad blood and with Judgment Day implications at hand, this one is sure to be classic confrontation.

When asked about Gunner Scott, Booker seemed to have forgotten about the newcomer who pinned him several weeks back and simply replied, "Gunner who?"

Although Booker T did manage to defeat Scott in a rematch, Gunner was able to win their first encounter. Plus, Scott has spent the last several weeks honing his craft under Benoit's supervision and direction, so the newcomer should be even more dangerous. But the five-time WCW Champion seems to have almost erased that defeat from his memory. Instead, he is predicting an easy win for himself and Finlay.

"There's no strategy needed for Gunner Scott. Chris Benoit, on the other hand, I have battled for many years, all over the country and all around the world. So tonight there will be poetic justice, tonight," said Booker T. "I will have my long time rival in the ring, Chris Benoit, with his protégé Gunner something. Tonight will be a spectacle; something that has not been seen since the D-day invasion. So, Chris Benoit and Gunner Scott, get ready for the rise; get ready for Booker T and Finlay."

Finlay is equally confident that his team will pick up the victory over the Rabid Wolverine and the newcomer Scott. But if it were up to Finlay, it would be a different kind of match.

"I don't particularly like tag team matches. I'd rather do all of the work on my own," said the fighting Irishman. "I don't like depending on people, even though Booker T is a tremendous athlete and a great wrestler. With that said, I still have to depend on him. I'd rather take on Benoit and Gunner on my own rather than depend on someone else."

I guess no one will ever accuse Finlay of low self-esteem.

"I'm confident," he said. "I told you before, and I'll keep telling you. I'm the best there is." also reached out to Chris Benoit and Gunner Scott for comments, but they were both too focused on the match at hand.

Will Booker T and Finlay be able to back up their confident words tonight on SmackDown? Or will Benoit and his protégé make them eat their words? Tune in to SmackDown tonight at 8/7 CT on UPN to find out.

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