Judgment rendered

Judgment rendered

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Despite the 48-hour time lapse until Edge's World Heavyweight Championship bout with Undertaker at Judgment Day, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero found herself judged by WWE's Board of Directors -- and she nearly pulled her fiancé down into the depths with her. (WATCH)

The imminent Friday night downfall of the "Guerrero family" was heralded earlier by none other than Theodore Long himself, who quit his role as Assistant GM to Vickie after relaying official word from WWE Headquarters. (WATCH)

As Long reported, WWE officials were displeased with Vickie's decision to strip Undertaker of the gold, then blow off a mandatory meeting with the Board in Stamford, Conn. -- not to mention her lewd, offensive relationship with Edge. As a result, they decided to take disciplinary actions against the SmackDown authority figure: Vickie would be removed from her role unless she competed in her first-ever wrestling match … against the vengeance-dealing Deadman.

The world would continue to collapse around the GM and the Rated-R Superstar as other SmackDown Superstars refused to aid Vickie after the Championship Chase treachery one week before -- an impulse shared by Chavo Guerrero, illuminating the onset of dissension within the family.

Still, Vickie continued to voraciously invoke her authority. The self-proclaimed "pioneer" declared her disagreement with the Board of Directors and then made her match against Undertaker a 6-on-1 Handicap Match, with Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, former ECW Champion Chavo, Bam Neely and, naturally, former World Heavyweight Champion Edge in her corner.

But, as the entire Guerrero clan made their way to the ring for the encounter, the squad numbers dwindled as the "Mexican Warrior" and Neely abandoned ship, possibly sinking it by making it a 4-on-1 Handicap Match.

The match commenced and Vickie was quickly nestled into the ring corner, where she sat uncomfortably in her wheelchair and shook in her soft pink sweatsuit. Mere feet away, Edge, Hawkins and Ryder tried to suppress The Phenom, while aiming to injure him just 48 hours before Judgment Day.

The Deadman fought back, however, demonstrating why he could very well succeed on Sunday and justifiably be named the undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. Finally, Undertaker managed to ward off his contenders and get his gloved grip around the GM's throat until Edge's spear felled The Phenom.

The wounded and worried quartet packed up Vickie's wheelchair and escaped Grand Rapids, but not Undertaker's icy glare which stood steadily fixed on the Rated-R Superstar.

But for the Ultimate Opportunist, Judgment Day is inescapable and so is the collision that will determine the future of the World Heavyweight Title. Edge's rival may be barred from locking in his grim chokehold, but The Phenom has certainly illustrated in his 20 years of WWE dominance that his arsenal extends beyond his most recent weapon.

Can the Rated-R Superstar avoid the judgment that The Deadman appears ready to render upon his soul? Or will Undertaker uphold and add the next chapter to his storied legacy by capturing the gold? Find out live on pay-per-view, as Judgment Day comes to you from Omaha, Neb., this Sunday.

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