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Tragic homecoming?

Ever since winning the World Championship at WrestleMania, Rey Mysterio has had May 12th circled on his calendar. This was the day Mysterio was to triumphantly return home to San Diego, to celebrate his improbable victory with his family and 12,000 of his closest friends at the IPay One Center during Friday Night SmackDown. It was suppose to be a celebration unlike anything the "619" had seen before.
But as SmackDown rapidly approaches, it's beginning to look as if Mysterio's homecoming may turn tragic. The champ, a man of his word who will never back down from a challenge, is preparing for a match against The Great Khali, The 7 foot 3, 420 pound monster that destroyed the legendary Undertaker with one hand! Mysterio was goaded into this challenge by JBL, Mysterio's opponent for the World Title at Judgment Day. 
Mysterio has said little in the days leading up to his match with The Great Khali. But I was able to reach three of Mysterio's best friends to get their thoughts and feelings on a match many say will be a "massacre." 
Very few people are as close to Rey as "Mad One." The man has known Mysterio for two decades and is the voice and inspiration behind Mysterio's entrance theme "Booyaka."   Mad One has been a part of Mysterio's career since the beginning and in fact helped rock group P.O.D. lead Rey to the ring during WrestleMania 22. Mad One is concerned for Rey's health Friday night.  
"I'll be there, in the front row, cheering Rey on," Mad One says. "But part of me doesn't even want to show up. Hey Rey's a fighter, but come on, how can anyone survive in the ring with that monster? We had a huge party planned, a WrestleMania victory celebration. It was canceled; no one is in the mood."
Mad One says he even tried to talk Rey out of this match. "I said come on man, just back out of it. You're the champ no one will think any less of you. But Rey being Rey wouldn't hear it."   
Two of Mysterio's other friends, Berna and Danny Boy, echoed Mad One's sentiments.   "It ain't happening," Berna says. "Rey ain't backin' down to this guy. But yeah we afraid, we afraid of what's gonna happen, it ain't gonna be pretty." Danny Boy says, "I talked to Rey last night. He was trying to be up beat, telling me not to worry. But you can tell he's concerned. Sh*t, we're all concerned! I just worry about Angie (Rey's wife) and the kids. I don't want them seeing this."
As for Mysterio's family? I'm hoping to get comments from them before the show Friday night. 

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