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Is Finlay inside Lashley's head?

Lashley has pulverized almost everyone that has gotten in his way since coming to SmackDown. Everyone except for Finlay.

After Finlay clocked Lashley with his trusty shillelagh at No Way Out, paving the way for JBL to put an end to the youngster's undefeated streak, the two engaged in a series of matches. But each time they got together the action almost immediately broke down to an all-out brawl.

Perhaps their most memoral brawl occurred in a parking lot on a March edition of SmackDown. Lashley became so enraged with Finlay that he used his seemingly super-human strength to overturn a car and almost crush his nemesis. But the fact still remains -- Lashley has never defeated Finlay in a one-on-one match. The smash-mouth, hardnosed styles of these two Superstars have resulted in some classic brawls, but none will mean more than their King of the Ring Semifinal match tonight on SmackDown.

The fighting Irishman said that he thinks he has a major advantage heading into this match due to psychological reasons.

"Here's what you don't realize and what Bobby Lashley doesn't realize," Finlay told WWE.com from the locker room area at SmackDown. "I have gotten inside his head. I have brought things out of Bobby Lashley where he is out of control. He doesn't know what he is doing, and when he is out of control, that is when I am at my best. That is when I can pick him off and take him out."

If Finlay is correct in his assessment of Lashley, then he would go on to face Booker T in the finals of the tournament at Judgment Day. According to Finlay, no one will get in his way of becoming king.

"I've beaten Booker before," he said. "I've wrestled Booker a number of times. He's a great competitor, but you know what? Booker T is a 16-year veteran, but I've got double the amount of ring time that he has."

The experience factor may mean even more for his match tonight against Lashley. The hard-hitting, soft-spoken Lashley has only been competing on SmackDown since last September.

"I'm a smart, wily, tough little nut, and I'm going to crack people's heads. I'm not here to get along or make friends," said Finlay. "I'm here to make an impact, and I'm here to win. Whatever it takes, I will win. I'm a wrestler. I'm a fighter. I've got more tricks. I've been all over the world and wrestled every style imaginable. Bobby Lashley has not stepped outside of this country unless it was with WWE. I have toured this country on my own, carrying my country's flag. I don't need the backing of all these fans. I'm Irish, that's it."

Will Finlay's experience pay off, just as the Irishman believes it will? Or will Lashley's immense power be too much to overcome? Tune in to Friday Night SmackDown at 8/7 CT on UPN to find out.

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