In with the new

In with the new

PITTSBURGH -- In one historic night, the Rated-R Superstar Edge went from Mr. Money in the Bank to the new World Heavyweight Champion. (WATCH

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Edge's win came hot on the heels of one of the most incredible Steel Cage Matches in history that pit Batista against Undertaker as both men escaped the cage at the exact same time. The match ended with officials going to an instant replay before declaring the match a draw. (WATCH)

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In other SmackDown action, Chris Benoit teamed with Matt Hardy to defeat the team of MVP & Finlay. The match ended with Benoit using a jackknife cover on MVP to secure the pin. Benoit gains momentum as he goes on to face MVP again at Judgment Day in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match with the title on the line.

Later in the night, Kane defeated Dave Taylor as Boogeyman, Little Boogeyman and William Regal (who, thanks to Boogeyman, had over two dozen stitches in his lips) looked on. Last week on SmackDown, Regal & Taylor attacked both Kane and Boogeyman. This week, thanks to Kane's win and the fact that Boogeyman badly injured Regal's lip at a live event, this bizarre twosome looks to be sitting pretty (or at least as pretty as these two monsters can possibly get).

Paul London was back in action for the first time since he injured his ribs in London & Kendrick's WWE Tag Team Championship loss to Deuce & Domino. This week on SmackDown, London defeated Domino in a singles match. London seems ready to go -- we may see a rematch with current WWE Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino soon.

In WWE Diva action, Michelle McCool cut short the musical stylings of self-procalimed pop princess, Jillian Hall. After McCool delivered a swift backbreaker to Hall, she was able to secure the pin and pick up the 1-2-3.

Jillian also seems to be the target of Ashley, who appeared live via satellite for an interview with Michael Cole. Ashley stated that music and the desire to beat up Jillian Hall are driving her toward a speedy recovery. Speaking of music, next week on SmackDown, Ozzy Osbourne will perform the official theme song for Judgment Day entitled "I Don't Wanna Stop". This week, fans got a taste of the new song from the legendary rocker. (WATCH)

This week, our fans also got to meet Jesse and Festus Dalton, two overall-clad competitors who SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long promised a match next week if they're "pick-em-up truck" makes it all the way to Maryland. General Manager Long continued to interview potential assistants, and promised his girlfriend Kristal that he would grant Vickie Guerrero an opportunity to interview next week on SmackDown. (WATCH)

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