New champion teetering on the edge?

New champion teetering on the edge?

PITTSBURGH -- As first reported on earlier this week, Tuesday night in Pittsburgh was New Year's Revolution 2006 all over again. For the second time in his controversy-ridden career, Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank title opportunity to steal the World Heavyweight Championship on SmackDown.

In an instance that will leave a lasting tarnish on the history of sports-entertainment, Edge turned in the briefcase he shrewdly usurped from Mr. Kennedy on Raw and capitalized on a weakened Undertaker. Just minutes after a punishing Steel Cage Match and a physical mauling at the meaty paws of the World's Strongest Man, Edge sucked the marrow from the very bones of The Phenom to become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

As the Rated-R Superstar told in an exclusive sit-down interview, the master manipulator is anxious for new conquests in the SmackDown realm (Read more). But before he engages those challenges, Edge should consider the threat in the individual he robbed of the gold on SmackDown -- The Phenom.

Fleeced by Edge, the former World Heavyweight Champion was left in a swell of his own blood in Pittsburgh. Undertaker triumphed at the Royal Rumble and maintained his incredible winning streak for the championship at WrestleMania, yet one month later, his reign was curtailed by controversy.

It would typically be presumed that the former champion would be lurking directly on the heels of the newly crowned champion. However, given what Undertaker went through in Pittsburgh alone, The Phenom's future could be questionable. Multiple highly taxing confrontations with Batista paired with the merciless onslaught from Mark Henry may have finally done in The Deadman. Not to mention the painful combination of a biceps tear and a knee infection, swelling up Undertaker's knee to roughly the size of a baseball. Is the Rated-R Superstar safe from the icy focus of The Phenom? Will Undertaker rise again in his 17-year legacy?

The Deadman isn't the only one affected by Edge's heinous championship theft. One such individual is Batista, who essentially took Undertaker to his limit for months. Having forced The Phenom to two straight draws -- in a Last Man Standing Match at Backlash and the Steel Cage Match -- The Animal is arguably the rightful No. 1 contender.

Considering the strenuous wars he shared for months with Undertaker, Batista cannot be pleased with Edge's vulture-like actions and the Rated-R Superstar may very well be a target of his once the wounded Animal fully recovers from the cage.

In the wake of Edge's well-calculated scheme, one Green Bay native by the name of Kennedy may be seething at the sight of anything Rated-R. Mr. Kennedy missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to achieve greatness all on account of his own bravado and overzealousness -- not to mention Edge's master plan. The Rated-R Superstar took advantage of the injured SmackDown competitor on Raw, just 24 hours before cashing in to win the title. Kennedy will return in six to eight weeks, but what will be brewing in his psyche during his recovery? Do those thoughts include Edge, retaliation and the World Heavyweight Championship?

All things considered, Edge will need to be a fighting champion if he intends on surviving in the wilds of SmackDown. What could possibly be the next move for the Rated-R champion? Will that move be his last as World Heavyweight Champion?

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