Out of control; Over the Limit

Out of control; Over the Limit

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Bedlam rocked SmackDown as Big Show chokeslammed World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger after his battle with Kane, and Drew McIntyre's sudden firing left the Intercontinental Championship vacant.

Kane def. World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger by Disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After escaping Kane's chokeslam, Jack Swagger thrusted The Big Red Monster's ribs repeatedly into an exposed turnbuckle -- a dangerous hazard that he himself had dislodged earlier in the match. This led the official to disqualify "The All-American American."

But after the match was over, the action continued outside the ring, where No. 1 contender Big Show -- sitting in with Matt Striker and Todd Grisham -- opted to join the fray. The World's Largest Athlete delivered a massive chokeslam to the World Heavyweight Champion, sending him crashing through the announce table.

Will Big Show walk away with the World Title when he challenges Swagger at Over the Limit? (Match preview)

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre was stripped of his title and fired (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Without being cleared for action -- following two brutal assaults from Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre in recent weeks -- Matt Hardy came to the ring to address the volatile situation. After McIntyre got the upper hand by nailing Hardy from behind, things quickly spiraled out of control.

In spite of frantic attempts by WWE officials and personnel to restrain the "Chosen One," and numerous warnings from SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long, McIntyre continued his treacherous assault. Long then sent shockwaves throughout the WWE Universe, first by suspending the "untouchable" Superstar, then by stripping him of his title and firing him on the spot. When McIntyre put his hands on the head of SmackDown, he was unceremoniously kicked out of the building. Teddy Long wished McIntyre the best in his future endeavors.

Later, the SmackDown GM ruled that, since the Intercontinental Championship was now vacant, four deserving Superstars would compete in a championship tournament to decide the successor. Christian would face Cody Rhodes and Kofi Kingston would take on Dolph Ziggler. The winners would battle next week for the illustrious title.

Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler in an Intercontinental Championship Tournament Semi-Finals Match(PHOTOS | WATCH)
Kofi Kingston triumphed in the first Tournament Semi-Finals Match, breaking Dolph Ziggler's infamous sleeper hold to hit Trouble in Paradise.

Christian def. Cody Rhodes in an Intercontinental Championship Tournament Semi-Finals Match(PHOTOS | WATCH)
In the second Tournament Semi-Finals Match, Christian reigned supreme in a hard-fought contest, slamming Rhodes into the unforgiving ring post before finishing him with the Killswitch.

Next week on SmackDown, Christian and Kofi Kingston go head-to-head for the Intercontinental Championship!

Michelle McCool & Layla def. Kelly Kelly &Tiffany(PHOTOS | WATCH)
Just 24 hours after Michelle, Layla and SmackDown's Official Consultant Vickie Guerrero put Kelly Kelly through a "humiliating initiation" on "WWE Superstars" (watch), Tiffany joined forces with SmackDown's newest Diva against Team Lay-Cool. But retribution was not in the cards. As the official was getting Kelly Kelly back to her corner, Michelle delivered a hard kick to Tiffany from behind, setting up Layla for the victorious neckbreaker.

MVP def. Luke Gallows  (PHOTOS | WATCH)
When "The Anti-Diva" Serena leaped up on the ring apron, she distracted MVP from executing the climatic Playmaker on Luke Gallows. Seconds later, Rey Mysterio jumped out of the crowd and attacked CM Punk, mimicking the attacks he has suffered from a mysterious hooded stranger in recent matches with The Second City Saint. This commotion allowed MVP to finish off Gallows with The Play of the Day. 

After the match, an irate Punk called Mysterio out as a "coward." The masked Superstar emerged to challenge him to a rematch at Over the Limit and the "savior" readily accepted. If Rey loses the showdown, he must take the Straight Edge pledge. If Punk loses, Rey Mysterio will personally shave his head. (Match preview)

Mysterio then offered to forgo the match and take the pledge immediately if Punk would shave his head right then and there. When Punk refused, a slight glimpse of doubt seemed apparent on the faces of Punk's normally loyal disciples. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

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