Angle vs. Booker T: Now it's personal

TRENTON, N.J. -- First, Kurt Angle and Booker T ruined each other's chances at winning the WWE SmackDown! Championship Series.Then, Angle decided to make it personal.

 That wicked combination proved more than enough to force the two SmackDown! Superstars to face off in a match at Judgment Day in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 22.

 The problems between Angle and Booker T started two weeks ago when both were part of the Fatal Fourway in the United Kingdom to determine the No. 1 Contender for John Cena's WWE Championship.

 With the referee down, Angle blasted Booker T with a steel chair, getting him eliminated from the match. Moments later, Booker T walloped Angle, eliminating the Olympic Champ and ultimately giving the victory to former WWE Champion JBL.

 "I felt like I was in contention just as much as Kurt," Booker T said. "He got me eliminated with the chair, and at that point, it was over for me. All I had left was revenge. So I got even."

 Angle, a four-time WWE Champion, sees things a little differently.

 "There's a big difference," Angle said. "I saw an opportunity during the match and I took it. What he did was wrong. He was out of the match and had no opportunity left so he stole mine. I should feel anger toward Booker, not the other way around."

 When SmackDown! came to Trenton, New Jersey, on May 5, the tempers of both men really came to a boil. Booker T's new wife Sharmell, who was been by her man's side for a few weeks now, actually got in Angle's face.

Angle insulted Sharmell, who in turn slapped Angle in the face, leading to a brawl outside the ring, where Angle nearly put Sharmell in the ankle lock.

 "That's Kurt's nature," Booker T said. "He has no class outside of the ring. In the ring, he's one of the best, but outside, he'll do anything to get me upset. But that whole incident just added fuel to my fire for Judgment Day."

 Angle had no apologies for his actions.

 "This girl has been here for like a month and she walks around flapping her gums and acting like she runs the place," Angle said. "I hope she's there to watch when I break her husband's ankle."

Don't miss Judgment Day to see who gets the larger dose of revenge.

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