Superstars expect hell in Steel City

Superstars expect hell in Steel City

Following the dramatic and controversial events of Backlash, the two men who nearly crippled one another in a Last Man Standing Match will meet one more time…inside a 15-foot high steel cage.

As announced this past Friday night, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long has signed a Steel Cage Match pitting World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker against Batista. Within the steel walls of the cage this coming Friday, Long hopes to determine not just a winner between these two men, but a champion -- the man that will carry the banner for the SmackDown brand.

But before that individual's hand can be raised, they will need to endure not just each other, but also the structure traditionally known for its brutality. spoke to several SmackDown Superstars for their assessment of the title match in Pittsburgh and based on their responses, it's clear that Friday will be a night of physical hell for The Phenom and The Animal.

Chavo Guerrero:
To me, the outcome really doesn't matter, except that somebody's going to get hurt. That's what's beautiful about a Steel Cage Match; somebody's going to come out limping or permanently hurt. And to me, that's what wrestling is about: you go in there and destroy your opponent. Hopefully, somebody in this cage match will be destroyed.

At Backlash, they were able to go around the arena. The cage will keep them confined in one area and they're going to have to utilize the tools they have: their feet, their bare hands, and of course, the cage. Whoever's the best at that, will come out the winner.

William Regal:
I've been in a fight gang for 23 years. I've fought in the streets and pretty much every bar across the world. I've wrestled the greatest wrestlers in the world. And I'm scared of no one. I would not want to be in that ring with either of those men next week. That's telling you something. Their Steel Cage Match can only end in tragedy. It's as simple as that.

Chris Benoit:
It's literally going to be like locking two wild animals in a cage. And only one man is going to walk out.

Gregory Helms:
A cage eliminates the possibility of flight and it eliminates the option to run. I don't think either of these guys would run away, but knowing that you don't have that option changes your game plan.

Batista is going to have to live up to his name. They call him The Animal. Well, in that cage, we're going to see exactly how much of an animal he is. With the power of both of these men, the only thing you can predict is that someone is going to get hurt.

I hope they both annihilate themselves. I don't give two hoots about anything. I'd just like to be in there with them and watch them die slowly and bleed to death or whatever it is they do to each other. It would make room for everybody else with those two big freaks out of the way. I hope they really hurt themselves and are never seen again.

Be sure to tune in to SmackDown this Friday on the CW Network to catch this grisly Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

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