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Who has whose number?

Who has whose number?

This week's SmackDown is "Championship Friday," as three championships will be on the line. Undertaker will battle The Great Khali in one of the biggest World Heavyweight Championship Matches in history, while new United States Champion Matt Hardy will defend the gold against the Ballin' Superstar he won it from at Backlash, MVP.

But perhaps the most intriguing matchup on Championship Friday concerns the WWE Tag Team Champions. The current golden boys, The Miz & John Morrison, will put their coveted tag team championship on the line against two men who have alternately been surface nuisances and thorns in their side over recent months -- Jimmy Wang Yang & Shannon Moore.

Unlike in the other two title matches, the question here isn't necessarily who's bigger or who's better. No, the question here is this: Who truly has whose number?

This is a rivalry that has been on the burner for a few months now, but once again brought to the forefront since WrestleMania XXIV. Each team has scored multiple wins over the other in recent months, and last week, Yang & Moore scored singles victories over Morrison & Miz respectively within a three-day span.

It would seem to the naked eye that the challengers have unlocked the combo to the Palace of Wisdom and should leave Atlantic City, N.J. as the new WWE Tag Team Champions, right?

Not so fast.

You see, while Yang & Moore have won numerous contests -- both solo and tag team -- against the A-Listers, they haven't gotten the job done when the gold was on the line. About five months ago, Yang & Moore won a non-title match on ECW on Sci Fi, and then beat the champs in a Six-Person Tag Team Match two weeks later. But when they got their "15 Minutes of Fame" on the Jan. 8 edition of ECW, they couldn't conquer the kingpins.

Their luck hasn't gotten any better in recent history either, as the challengers are 0-2 against the champions in tandem action since WrestleMania. On both the April 4 and April 11 editions of SmackDown, Miz & Morrison scored non-title victories over Yang & Moore.

Obviously, Yang & Moore are hoping that doesn't happen again. They have solved this puzzle before, but when the going has gotten tough, Miz & Morrison have gotten going. If anything, the challengers can look at other recent sports accomplishments as inspiration; for example, the Phoenix Suns defeated the San Antonio Spurs three out of four times during the NBA regular season, yet in this month's playoffs, the Spurs won four out of five to send Shaquille O'Neal and his teammates home for good.

Lady Luck is perhaps the most popular female inside every Atlantic City casino. Come Friday night, will she be strolling the boardwalk on the arms of a pair of A-listers, or cruising down the beach with "The Redneck & The Reject"?

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