Bedlam beckons Backlash

Bedlam beckons Backlash

LONDON -- Just two days before the sting of Backlash strikes the WWE Universe, the anticipation of things to come brought red-hot intensity to SmackDown.

Edge taunts his Backlash opponent John Cena (WATCH | PHOTOS)
With absolute resolve, Edge emerged before the WWE Universe to replay the destructive footage of his Monday Night Raw Con-Chair-To on John Cena. The Ultimate Opportunist taunted The Champ, claiming that because he is a "desperate man" who will stop at nothing to bring their three-year rivalry to an end and get "his" title back, he will without a doubt be the "Last Man Standing" at Backlash this Sunday. (Match preview)

Batista & Shane McMahon def. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (WATCHPHOTOS)
Despite Batista's misdirected spear on Monday Night Raw, The Animal roared back, catching Cody Rhodes with a high-impact spinebuster as The Legacy Superstar was leaping from the top rope. Shane McMahon picked up the pin, transferring invaluable momentum away from Legacy as they head into this Sunday's pay-per-view. Will McMahon, Batista & WWE Champion Triple H take ultimate retribution and save The King of King's crown at Backlash? Or will Randy Orton back up his promise of destiny by finally capturing the gold? (Match preview)

Matt Hardy & Kane def. Jeff Hardy & CM Punk (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Jeff Hardy was attempting to close the door on his brother Matt with a Twist of Fate when a fallen Kane suddenly climbed back up on the apron. This allowed the elder Hardy to send Jeff running into the hard head of The Big Red Machine, before rolling his brother up for the quick victory. With several recent, sibling rivalry victories to his credit, can Matt make Jeff utter the words "I Quit" at Backlash? (Match preview

Big Show def. Undertaker (PHOTOS)
Before the drafted Big Show made his departure from SmackDown to Raw, the 7-foot, 485-pound "nightmare of distraction" dished out two vicious knockout blows on Undertaker that proved so brutal, the referee was forced to stop the match in his favor. After the bell, The Phenom came back for more, knocking The World's Largest Athlete from the squared-circle and off to Monday Night Raw.
Divas Champion Maryse def. Gail Kim (Divas Championship Match) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Despite Gail Kim's non-title victory over Maryse one week ago, she fell short of the Divas Title. Although the sultry, French champion looked to be walking out on the match prematurely, she quickly turned the tables on Gail, hitting her with the stunning French Kiss for the victory.

United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter def. Chavo Guerrero (Non-title) (PHOTOS)
Although The View's Sherri Shepherd has been mentioning MVP on her show (WATCH), The Ballin' Superstar was all business when it came to beating Chavo Guerrero with the Playmaker. After the match, recently drafted Dolph Ziggler - who defeated MVP in a non-title match one week ago -- came forth to proclaim that he will prove triumphant over The Franchise Playa' in their United States Championship Match next Friday night at Madison Square Garden.

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