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Live SmackDown results

Live SmackDown results

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Michelle McCool & Layla def. Beth Phoenix & Mickie James
As Beth Phoenix was busy knocking Women's Champion Michelle McCool from the ring, Layla hit an earth-shattering neckbreaker to triumph over Mickie James. Afterward, Team Lay-Cool mercilessly attacked and humiliated The Glamazon, ramming her into an ironing board before smearing lipstick all over her face.

Who will get swept away in their Extreme Makeover Match this Sunday at Extreme Rules?

JTG def. Mike Knox
Just two days before locking horns with his former Cryme Tyme partner Shad Gaspard in a Strap Match at Extreme Rules, JTG picked up his second win in a row over the master of brutality, Mike Knox. After the bell, Shad -- who had been sitting in at the announce table -- launched another post-match assault, sending a painful message to JTG with a vicious strap attack.

Edge and Chris Jericho confronted each other before Extreme Rules
Standing inside a steel cage, Chris Jericho described the ways he will use the dreaded structure to end Edge's career at Extreme Rules. Despite The Rated-R Superstar's obviously injured ankle, he emerged with resolve and soon went on the extreme offensive. Although his decorated par-per-view opponent was able to escape Edge's onslaught, he left his WWE NXT Rookie Wade Barrett locked inside the cage to take the full force of the enraged Ultimate Opportunist's Spear.

Who will emerge from the cage with a definitive victory at Extreme Rules?

Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler def. Matt Hardy & R-Truth
After Dolph Ziggler hurled Matt Hardy into the metal ring post, Drew McIntyre relentlessly stomped his adversary's head into the unforgiving steel steps. Although Hardy heroically tried to battle on, the official made the determination that he could not continue the match. After the bell, the "Chosen One" continued his brutal assault on the war-torn Hardy.

John Morrison def. Jack Swagger in a Non-Title Match

Miraculously bouncing back from Jack Swagger's Gutwrench Powerbomb, The Guru of Greatness triumphed over the World Heavyweight Champion with Starship Pain.

Now that Swagger has suffered back-to-back losses to The Undertaker on Raw and Morrison on SmackDown, can "The All-American American" reign supreme over Randy Orton at Extreme Rules this Sunday?

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