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Fatal Fourway is set for the UK

NEW YORK, N.Y. -- As if SmackDown's U.K. invasion wasn't already going to be off the charts, things just got a little bit more interesting.
On Thursday night, during a semi-final match in the SmackDown! Championship Series - Big Show vs. Booker T - Kurt Angle, John "Bradshaw" Layfield interfered in the contest, and caused a double disqualification. They hoped that a double DQ would eliminate both of the semi-finalists from the tournament, leaving just JBL and Angle to compete for the WWE Championship opportunity. Their plan backfired. Now, instead of a Triple Threat Match next week in Birmingham, England, there will be a Fatal Four-Way Match featuring Angle vs. JBL vs. Big Show vs. Booker T.

Late Thursday night, WWE.com caught up with the four competitors to hear why they feel they will win the Championship Series and go on to face the WWE Champion, John Cena. Here's what they each had to say:

John "Bradshaw" Layfield
That's what I do, I win. Everything I've done, I've won at, throughout my entire life. I won when I was in high school. I won when I was in college, my picture hangs up at Sweet Water High School, and my picture hangs up at Abilene College -- look it up. When I started wrestling in Texas, I became the NWA Heavyweight Champion by beating Kevin Von Erich. And when I wrestled in Japan, Europe -- everywhere I've been -- I became champion. Hell, I even became champion here. It's simply a matter of past performance, and you can dictate what's going to happen in the future. Everything I've done, I've been a winner, and it's not going to be any different in England.

Now I don't like England, I don't care for it, and I don't care for the people over there, but it doesn't matter. If that's where I have to go to get a rematch against John Cena, than that's what I'll do, because quite honestly, I still believe I should be recognized as the WWE Champion.

Big Show
This is going to be one of the biggest matches I've ever been a part of. You've got four great Superstars. JBL's a tough competitor, Kurt Angle's an unbelievable technical wrestler, and Booker T's really coming into his own now -- he's a hell of a competitor. But I have confidence, in my strength and my size. And when I get my chance at John Cena, it'll be a straight-up brawl. He's a powerhouse, and people underestimate him, but I've got a very competitive nature, and if I get a chance to one-up him, I'm going to take it and take that "spinning" WWE Championship away from him. Maybe I'll hawk it on e-bay, or buy a new house.

Booker T
I think I'm the hungriest out of the four. My time here in WWE has been a long, hard road fighting my way back to that number-one spot, which is obviously being the WWE Champion. I almost feel like I'm getting to close to it being my last shot so, I'm going to do whatever it takes to walk out and get my chance at the title.
I also want to say that Sharmell has been totally motivating me. I lost a lot of the fire I had coming up along the way to becoming a five-time WCW Champion -- I think I was as hungry as I ever could have been at that time -- and she's sparked the flame to that fire that I lost.

Now once I become the No. 1 contender, it'll be a shot for me to redeem myself, because I underestimated John Cena before when I lost the United States Championship to him. I looked at him as just another guy coming up -- another flash in the pan that was here today and gone tomorrow -- but he proved to be a worthy combatant by going and studying Booker T's patented moves, which I feel helped him to come out on top. This time around there'll be no underestimation. I think I'll go into that match fully focused on taking the WWE Championship and putting back around its rightful owner's waist -- and that's Booker T. The Best of Five Series and all the other matches we've had will be a big factor -- I think the scouting has gone both ways -- but I know what he does and he knows what I do, and I think experience will be the telling factor.

Kurt Angle
It's been a long time since I held the WWE Championship. So I think I'm more eager, and hungrier to win it. I think I deserve it, and I have a chance to prove that I am the very best, because I'm facing three of the best wrestlers on SmackDown! And after I go through them like a knife through butter, I'll walk right on to a WWE Title shot against John Cena. I mean, look at me. I've won matches against Rey Mysterio, Marty Jannetty, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero. I'm on a roll right now, so that victory over Cena will be a sweet one. Not only because I'll get back the WWE Championship, but also because I completely despise John Cena. I think that he is garbage, and for him to even consider himself in the same class as me is an insult. That's why this time, when I beat his ass, it'll be real satisfying.

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