Mayhem in Milan

Mayhem in Milan

MILAN, Italy -- The 400th episode of SmackDown emanated for the very first time from il Bel Paese (the Beautiful Country), creating yet another memorable moment in the history of the program.

At Backlash in nine days, two men who will step into the ring looking to make their own history are World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker and Batista. The Phenom and The Animal will face off in a Last Man Standing Match for the title, and both were hoping to gain momentum heading into one of the most brutal matches in WWE.

Batista kicked off the show in action against Finlay, and as The Animal looked in full control, Mr. Kennedy interfered, causing the disqualification. Kennedy & Finlay then physically dismantled Batista with help from the shillelagh and a Celtic Cross from the Irishman.

Later in the night Mr. Money in the Bank Kennedy fought Undertaker in a non-title contest. Finlay returned the earlier favor of Kennedy, interfering and causing a disqualification. The dangerous duo of Kennedy & Finlay then dismantled Undertaker the same way they did to Batista.

As the 400th episode of SmackDown went off the air, Finlay & Kennedy stood tall, having made a huge statement by decimating both World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker and his Backlash opponent Batista.

Deuce & Domino arrived in Milan in style, making their grand entrance in a pink Cadillac. The men from the Other Side of the Tracks were intent to dethrone the near year-long reign of WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London & Brian Kendrick.

The clashing styles were once again a factor as the fast-paced London & Kendrick wanted to high-fly their way to another victory over the powerful tandem of Deuce & Domino. When Paul London failed at an attempted Moonsault, he was left incapacitated on the outside of the ring -- leaving Kendrick to defend the titles on his own.

Deuce & Domino took full advantage of the situation, breaking down Kendrick and defeating the courageous Superstar for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

World Tag Team Champions The Hardys teamed with United States Champion Chris Benoit to face Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero, Gregory Helms & MVP.

After MVP's controversial upset of Benoit last week, the Rabid Wolverine looked to exact a measure of revenge on the cocky Superstar. Benoit & The Hardys picked up the victory when the United States Champion forced Gregory Helms to tap out to the Sharpshooter.

William Regal & Dave Taylor were in a Handicap Match against Kane. The duo of Regal & Taylor has had their share of problems over the past few weeks with the Big Red Monster. With Kane firmly in control, Regal & Taylor marched out of the ring, causing the countout.

The duo marched straight to General Manager Theodore Long's office, and demanded to be kept far away from Kane. Long had other plans in mind and he made a match for next Friday in Regal's home country of England -- Regal & Taylor will take on the team of Kane & Boogeyman, much to the delight of SmackDown fans, and the disgust of William Regal & Dave Taylor.

After making that match, General Manager Long and SmackDown Diva Kristal shared a few words about shopping, and then they exchanged a passionate kiss.

Jillian arrived in Milan bragging about her attack on Ashley, and hoping to please WWE fans with her operetta-style singing. Instead, Jillian butchered yet another song, and Michelle McCool came to the ring to tell Jillian exactly what WWE fans and she thought about the tone-deaf Diva. "Quello è orrible," Michelle first exclaimed and then translated, "that's horrible."  Jillian tried to attack McCool too, but was thrown out of the ring by Michelle.

Finally, next Friday in theaters everywhere, The Condemned starring "Stone Cold" Steve Austin will open. Can the Rattlesnake stun the box office?

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