Angle hoping to become a five-time WWE Champion

CHICAGO -- Right now, there might not be a hotter Superstar in WWE than Kurt Angle.

Fresh off the heels of a monumental WrestleMania 21 victory over Shawn Michaels, Angle faced Eddie Guerrero in a rematch from their WrestleMania XX classic. But unlike their last encounter, this time, Angle was the one walking away from the contest a winner.

By defeating "Latino Heat," Kurt became the second Superstar to qualify for the finals of the Championship Series. If Angle can defeat JBL, and the winner of next week's Big Show/ Booker T encounter, in a Triple Threat Match in Birmingham, England, he will become the number one contender for John Cena's WWE Championship. For Angle, this is more than just an opportunity to win another title, it's another chance for him to disprove critics who think his better years are behind him.

Following Kurt's big win, followed the 1996 Olympic gold medalist into his dressing room at the AllState Arena -- home of WrestleMania 22 -- to address Shawn Michaels' recent challenge for a WrestleMania rematch, his participation in the SmackDown! Championship Series, and his current winning streak. The night after WrestleMania 21, Shawn Michaels challenged you to a rematch. Would you ever consider his request?
Kurt Angle: Because it was the greatest match in wrestling history, I would consider it, but, the simple fact that I beat him, means it's over. So as far as I'm concerned, there will not be a rematch. So now your focus is on winning back the WWE Championship?
Angle: I haven't been justly set up here. General Manager Theodore Long has given me one title shot -- a triple threat match against the Big Show and JBL -- that basically JBL cheated to win. I have yet to get a fair chance for the WWE Title under Long's watch. And John Cena likes to talk about being the franchise, and being the main player, well Teddy Long doesn't see what he has in front of his face. I am the franchise. I am the main player in WWE, and just because I injured my neck, and had three neck injuries in two years, Long counted me out. But I came back, and I proved that I am the very best. Cena like to talk, but if he keeps claiming to be the franchise, and bragging and blabbing about it, then I'm going to make him shut his mouth, by beating him for the WWE Title. Next week, Booker T and the Big Show will battle one another for the final spot in the Championship Series Finale -- a Triple Threat Match against you and John "Bradshaw" Layfield. Who would you like to see advance?
Angle: Man, that's a tough one. Booker T's a competitor, but Big Show's such a threat to any person on earth, including Akebono. I would have to say I'd rather face Booker T,, and that's because it's harder to take a big man down. Well considering your current hot streak -- consecutive victories over Michaels and Guerrero -- do you feel that you have momentum on your side?
Angle: People forget. I've been doing it for some time now. Marty Jannetty, Rey Mysterio in Japan -- the list goes on. I've been doing it since I started with the company. The only time I haven't done it, is when my neck was injured. People forget all of that. I'm always the best match on the card. So you can say I'm hot because of two big wins in a row, but I fail to see any match where I didn't steal the show. Now that might be my own opinion, but that's the way I am -- I'm a very confident person.

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