A Cabana for Carlito, now ‘dats cool

 CHICAGO -- The coolest show on Thursday nights just got a little cooler.
CarlitoThis week's SmackDown! saw the debut of a new talk segment called Carlito's Cabana, and just like host of the host of the show is known for being unpredictable, the first Cabana was also full of surprises.
"The idea for Carlito's Cabana came directly from Carlito himself," said the former United States Champion from the backstage area of Chicago's AllState Arena -- home of WrestleMania 22. "I was looking at all the other shows out there, and none of those other shows were cool, and none of the hosts were cool.
Following in the footsteps of "Hot Rod's" Piper's Pit, Jericho's Highlight Reel, HBK's Heartbreak Hotel, and Jake Roberts' Snake Pit, Carlito's Cabana has some big shoes to fill. According to Carlito, not only will his show live up to those standards, it will outshine them.
"My show is going to be different from all those other WWE talk segments, because it's not going to be boring," Carlito explained to WWE.com, with a smirk. "Carlito's Cabana is going to be cool, it's going to be new, and it going to be edgy. I'm going to be doing things that are fresh and innovative, because that's what Carlito's all about -- being cool."
The first Cabana started off in controversial fashion, when Carlito's first guest, Rey Mysterio, was interrupted, challenged to a match for the WWE Tag Team Championship against he and Eddie Guerrero, and subsequently attacked by a new tag team known as MNM -- referring to the group's three members, Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, & Melina.
If Carlito has it his way, each installment of Carlito's Cabana will feature similar action and excitement.
"MNM impressed Carlito with their coolness," continued the Puerto Rico native. "That's the way to make an entrance. And they also impressed me because they knew the right spot to make their debut, which of course is Carlito's Cabana. So as far as what's in store for the next Cabana, who knows? Just be sure that Carlito is going to keep coming up with exciting new things, and a talk segment that people will actually want to see. And ‘dat's cool."

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