Big Show and Booker T prepare for next week's Championship Series battle

CHICAGO -- The final match of SmackDown!'s Championship Series is beginning to take shape. Last week, JBL scored a controversial victory over Rey Mysterio, and Thursday night, Kurt Angle defeated "Latino Heat," Eddie Guerrero, meaning both Superstars have advanced to the Triple Threat that will take place in the U.K. in just under two weeks. Next Thursday, the final combatant of that important contest will be decided, when Booker T meets the Big Show in New York's Madison Square Garden.
While both Booker T and the Big Show have extremely different styles and personalities, they have both had similar paths to WWE Superstardom. The two athletes made names for themselves in the now-defunct WCW, before eventually finding their ways to World Wrestling Entertainment, where they became even bigger names.
In the five years Big Show has been in WWE, has captured two World Titles, in addition to his previous two WCW reigns. Booker T, on the other hand, won the WCW Championship five-times, but has yet to taste a World Title in WWE. Not surprisingly, the two decorated Superstars think very highly of one another.
"I think Booker T's a hell of a guy," admitted Big Show. "I mean he's a great entertainer, a tremendous athlete, and an experienced veteran. I always tease Booker, by telling him that he could have fun in a prison camp. That guy could have a good time anywhere, and with a personality like that he's always a lot of fun to be around."
"Big Show is an extraordinary human being," said Booker T. "Here's a guy who weighs 500-pounds, and is one of the strongest people I've ever met. I really can't take anything away from him. He's amazing."
Despite their mutual respect for one another, Big Show and Booker T do both share a common goal. Both of them want to wear John Cena's WWE Title around their waist, and in order to do so, they must defeat one another to advance to the Triple Threat finale of the Championship Series. With the stakes at an all-time high, their match next week will likely be anything but friendly.
"It's gonna be a knock down, drag ‘em out kind of match, and you can expect Booker T to leave everything he has in the ring," predicted the five-time WCW Champion. "I can't say exactly what's gonna happen, but you can be sure that SmackDown!'s gonna get a match that's worthy of being a main event anywhere in the world, and the best man is going to come out on top. Of course, that will be Booker T."
"I think that the match between myself and Booker T is gonna be a great battle," continued the 7-foot Big Show. "There's not a whole lot of issues between he and I, but we've been up and down the same road, and I think it's gonna be good. Booker's got a lot of offensive skills, but I'm gonna try and rely on what I do best -- overpower him, using my strength and size. There shouldn't be any cheap shots, but you know what, when there's chance to compete for the WWE Championship at stake, there are no promises, and there are no guarantees."

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