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It took more than nine months, but someone other than JBL walked to the ring with the WWE Championship Thursday night. Before a raucous San Diego crowd, John Cena made his SmackDown! debut as the new champion, just four days after defeating JBL at Wrestlemania 21 Cena boldly declared that "The champ is here," and that he was ready to take on all-comers. Watch

But before Cena made his acceptance speech, JBL came out to scold the crowd for embracing Cena. He claimed WWE and its fans needed him to be champion.

As it turned out, JBL wasn't the only Superstar that felt that way. Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, Big Show, Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle all made in-ring appearances demanding an opportunity at Cena's newly-won championship. Kurt Angle states his case: Watch

That's when General Manager Theodore Long cleared up the mess, announcing an overconfident JBL had never requested a rematch clause and that there would be a championship series between the contenders.

And the first match would be JBL against Rey Mysterio in the main event. Despite giving up close to 100 pounds to the former WWE Champion, Mysterio held his own and seemed poised for the victory.

Eddie Guerrero even came out and took out Orlando Jordan outside the ring. Latino Heat was then caught with a kick to the back from JBL. But with his opponent's back turned, Mysterio got hot and eventually connected with the 619 and was ready to record the pinfall in his hometown.

But Guerrero, furious with JBL's cheap shot just moments earlier, jumped back in the ring and attacked JBL to break up the pin and ultimately get Mysterio disqualified. After the match, the Cabinet rushed the ring, only to be cleared out by John Cena.Watch

Next week, Kurt Angle will take on Eddie Guerrero in the second match of the Championship Series. Angle handily won another Invitational Match Thursday, then he warned Cena his days as champ were numbered.

Meanwhile, Paul London survived his Cruiserweight Championship match with Billy Kidman to retain his championship. London won despite suffering a gash on his forehead that required 18 staples to close. Despite the injury, London managed to record the three-count. After the match, former champion Chavo Guerrero, who was doing commentary, joined Kidman for a post-game attack on London. Watch

Torrie Wilson defeated five other Vivas Las Divas (Buy the DVD) in the Bikini Contest. The winner was decided by fans' applause. Joy, Michelle and Lauren actually crashed the contest to strut their stuff, much to the crowd's delight. Watch


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