Full Moon Con-Chair-To

Full Moon Con-Chair-To

BILOXI, Miss. -- They say strange things happen on the night of a full moon. But it didn't take lunar activity, just the onset of WrestleMania XXIV for wild things to take place on Friday Night SmackDown. A Deadman, a Big Red Monster, an Animal, a Silverback, two 7-foot giants and a Rated-R Superstar were on the prowl, looking to vanquish their opponents on The Road to WrestleMania.

MVP's VIP Lounge
For the first time in almost six years, Raw's Chris Jericho paid a visit to the land of SmackDown as a guest on U.S. Champion MVP's VIP Lounge. The two Money in the Bank Ladder Match opponents traded verbal barbs, including Jericho poking fun at alternative names for MVP. The self-proclaimed highest paid entertainer tried to elevate himself with a lot of tough talk, but Jericho literally brought him back down to earth when he knocked the United States Champion from atop a ladder in the ring. (WATCH) Is this symbolic of what we're going to see when the two meet in just nine days at WrestleMania?

One Punch KO
For yet another week, Big Show crushed those foolish enough to step into the ring with the angry, dominant giant. This week, it was three competitors who fell victim to the 7-footer. Big Show made quick work of the trio, finishing off the least fortunate with a powerful knock-out blow, followed by an easy pin. As the WrestleMania showdown between Big Show and Floyd Mayweather draws near, the risk for the boxing champion appears to increase with each passing week.

Rampaging Animal
The look in Batista's eyes on SmackDown told the story: You don't want to get in his way -- not now, not when The Granddaddy of Them All is just nine days away. Deuce & Domino found this out the hard way, as The Animal went on the offensive right from the start of their 2-on-1 Handicap Match. Despite their two-man advantage, the former WWE Tag Team Champions were no match for their opponent, who Batista Bombed Domino for a decisive win. The Animal appears to be right on form to face Umaga in their Raw vs. SmackDown battle for brand supremacy at WrestleMania.

Tag Titles Intact
Earlier in the week on ECW, things looked promising for the Biscuits ‘n' Gravy team when Festus pinned The Miz in a Six-Man Tag Match. But with the WWE Tag Team Titles on the line on Friday Night SmackDown, this time it was The Miz who pinned Jesse. The Shaman of Sexy must be content with keeping tag team gold in place, but will be looking for future gold if he can succeed in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Also on SmackDown
Just when you thought you were watching two of SmackDown's biggest men do battle -- Kane and Chuck Palumbo -- The Great Khali made his way into the arena and made the encounter that much bigger. Khali went right for Kane and delivered a Khali Bomb, ending the match without a victor.

But, the parade of big men wasn't over, as the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry came into the arena to make his mark. The self-proclaimed Silverback went on a path of destruction, first lifting and slamming the 400-pound Punjabi giant, then laying waste to Palumbo with a massive avalanche, and finally lifting and slamming Kane to the canvas. The four will meet again in the WrestleMania 24-Man Battle Royal. Will Henry be able to repeat this display of dominance, or will one of SmackDown's big men deliver some payback on The Grandest Stage of Them All?

Although compared to the likes of Khali and Henry, the competitors were smaller in stature, but the animosity was just a fierce when the SmackDown Diva Contest continued on Friday. In an Arm Wrestling Competition, Michelle McCool took first place yet again this week. Then, SmackDown Assistant General Manager Theodore Long delivered the bad news to Victoria fans that she was eliminated from the competition, according to your votes. (WATCH) Next week, the Divas continue to battle it out, hoping to win the custom Beverly Hills Chopper. More on this competition…

Harmful melody
When World Heavyweight Champion Edge defeated Funaki, he "borrowed" some of Undertaker's signature moves by mocking the Phenom's RIP gesture and using the Tombstone Piledriver to dismantle his opponent. After the champion's easy win, he grabbed the ring mic and let it be known: "Tonight, I step up to a whole new level."

Later in the night, the Ultimate Opportunist delivered on his promise. Though Undertaker defeated ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero using his blood-drawing submission move, Edge, Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder launched a steel-chair attack on The Phenom. In an ugly display, the Rated-R entourage relentlessly pummeled an outnumbered Undertaker, with the champion ultimately knocking out his WrestleMania opponent with a brutal Con-Chair-To. (WATCH) Read the full story...

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