WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video

WWE Mobile on AT&T exclusive video

Friday night on SmackDown, Edge made a bold statement to his WrestleMania XXIV opponent, Undertaker. Initially, the Rated-R Superstar mocked The Phenom by using a Tombstone Piledriver to defeat Funaki. He then claimed that the world would find out what he was capable of later in the night, and the World Heavyweight Champion delivered after Undertaker's win over Chavo Guerrero -- leaving The Deadman decimated with a spear and a skull-rattling Con-Chair-To.

Following SmackDown, WWE Mobile cameras caught up with Edge, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero and their entourage in the locker room, where the World Heavyweight Champion promised something for next week that would make his lover hot.

What does the Rated-R Superstar have planned for the SmackDown fans? You can find out now in this exclusive video, courtesy of WWE Mobile on AT&T.

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