After being annihilated by World Heavyweight Champion Batista on his show, Miz TV, The Miz waited until The Animal was nowhere to be found to voice his displeasures with the April Fool's joke he tried to play on Batista.

"The joke wasn't on me. As soon as the lights went out, Batista got scared.  The Animal is scared of the Undertaker," said The Miz.

As far as the punishment dealt to him by SmackDown's World Heavyweight Champion teaching him any lessons, Miz is quick to question such an assertion.

"I did nothing wrong. I said that Batista did a great job with being on the cover of WWE Magazine, and he Batista Bombed me."

While Miz's opinion of the events on Miz TV may be twisted, his thoughts on the World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania are clear. The Miz has felt the power of both Undertaker and Batista, and believes the Phenom will walk away from WrestleMania a winner -- albeit his reasons are selfish.

"14-0. WrestleMania 23 -- Undertaker is going to be 15-0. Just because I was Batista Bombed -- Undertaker is going to do it for me."

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