The Deadman responds

Last week, SmackDown featured one of its greatest main events of all time as Kurt Angle defended his World Heavyweight Championship against Undertaker in a No Way Out rematch. Angle escaped by the skin of his teeth at No Way Out, but on SmackDown it looked as though Undertaker would walk away with the gold. After Angle missed a moonsault, the Deadman connected with a vicious Tombstone and went for the pin. But before the referee could count the pinfall, Mark Henry stormed the ring and attacked The Phenom. The World's Strongest Man left Undertaker laying outside the ring after he flattened him with a mammoth splash through the announce table. Henry had cost Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship.

How would the Deadman respond? What would the Phenom do to get revenge? No one knew, and Undertaker remained silent and out of sight all night long…until the end of the main event that is.

Mark Henry and Randy Orton teamed up to take on Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle in tag team competition. SmackDown fans were treated to somewhat of a WrestleMania preview as both Angle and Mysterio got their hands on Orton. The three of them will face off in a Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Championship April 2 at WrestleMania. But Henry, like he said at the beginning of the show, refused to be forgotten. Henry was brutalizing everything in sight, including the referee. As the match wore on, Henry delivered a crushing avalanche to senior official Nick Patrick. With the referee incapacitated, Daivari brought a table into the ring. Henry was poised to splash Rey through the table, but Angle came in and made the save. Orton then joined the fracas and attacked the Wrestling Machine. The Legend Killer continued to orchestrate the beating and laid Angle out on the table. Orton then demanded that Henry squash Angle. With that, the World's Strongest Man leapt off the second rope and came crashing down on the Olympic Gold Medalist through a table.

But Henry didn't have much time to celebrate. The lights went out, and the all-too-familiar gong sounded as fog started to fill the arena. Undertaker was ready to break his silence with a very special message: "You. Me. WrestleMania. Casket Match." Undertaker laid out the challenge, and Mark Henry appeared ready for the challenge. So, at WrestleMania 22, Undertaker will look to make it a perfect 14-0 on the grandest stage of them all against the World's Strongest Man Mark Henry in a Casket Match.

While there is still a few weeks until WrestleMania, Saturday Night's Main Event is only eight days away, and the card continued to shape up on SmackDown. Booker T and Sharmell came to the ring with a bag full of letters. Booker said that they had received letters from the NAACP, PETA, Worm Digest and the President's Council on Physical Fitness all stating that something had to be done about Boogeyman. Booker T demanded a response from Theodore Long, and the GM responded. He said that Booker could take matters into his own hands when he goes one on one with Boogeyman at Saturday Night's Main Event. With that, red smoke began to rise out of Booker T's bag. He went to empty it out, and a pile of worms fell instead of mail. Boogeyman began to come to the ring as a terrified Booker T and Sharmell retreated through the crowd.

JBL also had something to say about Saturday Night's Main Event. Stone Cold Steve Austin recently conducted an interview with and talked about Texas wrestling. Stone Cold said that he gave credit to JBL for being from Texas, but that was all he decided to say. The Wrestling God was extremely offended by the lack of credit given to him by the Texas Rattlesnake. JBL said that he was a better wrestler, a better entertainer and a bigger draw than Stone Cold ever was. With that, he challenged Stone Cold to a Beer Drinking Contest.

This past week on RAW, Theodore Long showed up on RAW, and on Unlimited, he announced that SmackDown would also be participating in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 22. The first qualifying match was held Friday night between Lashley and Finlay. Last week, the two Superstars had a match, but a winner was never determined. Instead, Lashley and Finlay swung chairs at each other causing a disqualification. With so much riding on the match, it's no surprise that this one broke down as well. In fact, this one never even started. Before Lashley could get into the ring, he and Finlay clashed head-on. Officials and security swarmed and tried to separate them again, but the two brawled all the way out to the parking lot. Finlay bashed Lashley with a steel pipe, but Lashley came back and bashed Finlay's head into a car eight times. With Finlay laying on top of the car, Lashley attempted to do the unthinkable. The hard-hitting, soft-spoken monster began pushing the car over. Security tried to stop him, but Lashley would not be denied. Showing superhuman strength, Lashley was able to tip the car completely over. Before he did so, though, Finlay was fortunate enough to roll off the car, otherwise he would have been crushed. In an effort to settle the score once and for all, next week they will meet again, and this time it will be a Lumberjack Match.

Theodore Long was a busy man on SmackDown. He also spoke with Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms. He told Helms that he had decided to give him the night off from defending his Championship. However, he didn't give him the night off in terms of competing. Instead, it was Champion vs. Champion as Helms took on United States Champion Chris Benoit. Helms protested because he had a broken nose, but Long said the match was still on. Benoit managed to lock in the Sharpshooter, but Helms got to the ropes. Helms, disgusted with how things were going, left the ring and headed for the back. But before he could get very far, fellow cruiserweights Kid Kash, Jamie Noble, Brian Kendrick and Paul London came out and forced him back in the ring. It wasn't long before Benoit slapped on the Crossface. With all that pressure on his broken nose, Helms tapped out and Benoit was the winner.

After weeks of telling his former partner that he looked ridiculous as a swashbuckling buccaneer, William Regal had the opportunity to back up his words as he went one on one with Paul Burchill. Regal seemed to be proving his point at first, but Burchill was able to come back strong and show that Regal didn't know what he was talking about, picking up the win over his former partner.

Two weeks ago, SmackDown's hottest backstage interviewer, Kristal, came to the ring on SmackDown to promote the new Divas Magazine. She was rudely interrupted by Jillian who told her to go to the back. Kristal answered back with a swift slap to the face, and this week they clashed in a Divas Uncovered Match. The object of the match was to "uncover" your opponent until they were down to their bra and panties. Jillian got off to a quick start, removing Kristal's top. But Kristal showed some moves in the ring and came back taking off Jillian's skirt and then reversing a bodyslam to take off her top.

Plus, Road Warrior Animal answered Matt Hardy's challenge. Last week the two Superstars came up short against MNM in tag team action. After the match, Road Warrior Animal viciously attacked Hardy out of frustration. This week, Road Warrior Animal claimed that he was sick of carrying his tag teams around. He said he carried Hawk in the Legion of Doom, and that Heidenreich and Hardy were both screw-ups. Road Warrior Animal said his days of tag team competition are over and that he was only looking out for himself from now on.

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