Help spice up SmackDown with your vote

Help spice up SmackDown with your vote

CLEVELAND -- It felt like spring came early as five of the Sexiest Women on TV heated up the Quicken Loans Arena during the SmackDown Divas Swimsuit Competition. The event, which was announced by Jonathan Coachman, will last the course of four weeks as one participant is voted out of the competition during each edition of SmackDown.

The winner of the competition will be determined by our fans, who can text the name of their favorite SmackDown Diva to 44993 between the show and the following Sunday to make sure the hottest competitor remains alive.

Not only will the winner earn bragging rights as the hottest Diva on SmackDown, but she will also receive a custom-built motorcycle, courtesy of Beverly Hills Choppers.

The contest began under control. Eve donned a navy blue, one-piece bathing suit that would make any viewer think they were in the Garden of Eden. Cherry followed without her boyfriend, Deuce, to keep her concealed, showing off a polka-dotted bikini. Next, Maryse displayed some hot dance moves while sporting a black two-piece suit.

Victoria's performance won't be easily forgotten. While lifting herself on a turnbuckle to flaunt her outfit, she missed a step and fell to the mat. She quickly recovered, though, with more moves and some trash talking at Michelle McCool's expense. Michelle closed out the first round, boasting an eye-catching bikini that couldn't be missed.

Despite the vote being up to our fans, before leaving the squared circle, the Divas tried to take matters into their own hands. A shoving match between Maryse and Eve turned into an all-out brawl that left only Michelle standing in the ring when all was said and done.

Don't forget to cast your vote for the hottest SmackDown Diva by texting your favorite Diva's name to 44993. After all, their fate is up to you.

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