Vickie: Queen of Cougardom

Vickie: Queen of Cougardom

Nobody ever said there was anything wrong with independent, successful and powerful women dating much younger, virile men. In fact, from Halle Berry to Demi Moore, the world has had plenty of exposure to these "predatory" females aptly labeled "cougars."

While this social trend may have been bred in Hollywood, over the past few months, such predation has become prevalent on Friday nights through SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero's highly scandalous romance with World Heavyweight Champion Edge.

Driven by a purely primal instinct, Vickie -- arguably the queen of cougardom -- hunted the vigorous lifeblood of the Rated-R Superstar in an unnoticed prowl of her self-governed brand.

In late November, the GM was drawn to her Superstar prey and successfully lured her selected male, the Ultimate Opportunist, back to her Friday Night "Smack-Den." More importantly, Vickie secured herself a stallion in Edge and formed WWE's most potent power couple -- a hybrid hookup of champion and managing official.

By definition, cougars are resourceful and prestigiously positioned females in their environments. While she may not have sharp canines or a luxurious fur coat, Vickie is certainly the fiercest of this wildcat breed.

This isn't Desperate Housewives or Sex and the City; it's sports-entertainment, where the SmackDown GM's reign atop the blue brand makes her a formidable threat, as many Superstars can attest.

Rey Mysterio crossed Vickie Guerrero and her title wielding main squeeze, even crashing their engagement weeks ago. The GM retaliated by summoning Big Show to annihilate the masked Superstar just last Friday night, exacerbating Mysterio's torn biceps muscle and forcing him out of action, indefinitely.

Extending beyond SmackDown, with the queen cougar at the helm, Chavo Guerrero rose to greatness in the Land of the Extreme. A well conspired plot by Vickie (along with Edge and ECW General Manager Armando Estrada) led to her nephew's ECW Title snare from CM Punk.

Most recently, Vickie laid down the brazen challenge from SmackDown to Raw, demanding that one Superstar from each square off at WrestleMania XXIV for brand supremacy. On all ends, it's clear that the claws of this sovereign Guerrero cougar have been dug deep into the skin of WWE.

Will Vickie's prowl be content with her main squeeze, the Rated-R Champion? Is her male selection the best candidate that will only reap her further success? Stay tuned to the wilds of sports-entertainment to see how this queen rules her kingdom. And, be sure to check out other celebrity cougars on

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