No Cena allowed

No Cena allowed

PORTLAND, Ore. -- As The Road to WrestleMania continues, sibling rivalry and surprise victories of epic proportions were abound as one of SmackDown's favorite sons returned to get his gold back, only to come face-to-face with a very "big" problem.

Big Show def. John Cena (WATCH | PHOTOS)
After John Cena warned World Heavyweight Champion Edge on Monday Night Raw that he wanted his rematch and was going to follow the Rated-R Superstar anywhere he tried to hide, the former SmackDown Superstar returned to Friday nights to force the issue. But, SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero once again threw a monkey wrench in Cena's plans, declaring that instead of her husband, the former World Champion would have to face the mighty Big Show. (PHOTOS)

Later that night, after showing tremendous resilience in a grueling battle of unrelenting punishment administered by The World's Largest Athlete, Cena allowed himself to be distracted by the emerging Ultimate Opportunist. As he turned his back for a few critical seconds, Big Show blasted him with a devastating knockout punch and an authoritative chokeslam for the victory.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (No Contest) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
One week ago, Matt Hardy had interrupted his brother, Jeff, hitting the Twist of Fate before challenging him to a Brother vs. Brother Match this week. But, it was not meant to be, at least not on this week's SmackDown. After Matt was announced, Jeff emerged in his street clothes and unsuccessfully appealed to the elder Hardy's reason. Despite Matt's persistent verbal attacks and two humiliating slaps to his face, Jeff refused to engage his own flesh and blood. Instead, he walked away from the ring without further comment, leaving Matt alone with his unrelenting fury.

Vladimir Kozlov def. Undertaker (WATCH | PHOTOS)
In a stunning turn of events, Vladimir Kozlov - undefeated in singles competition - pinned the legendary Phenom. As Undertaker was balancing himself on the top rope to set up Deadman Walking, the Moscow Mauler suddenly countered, executing a devastating powerslam that led to the three-count heard round the world. This Monday on Raw, Kozlov and Shawn Michaels will square off to settle once and for all who has earned the right to try and break the undefeated WrestleMania streak of The Deadman at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania.

Chavo Guerrero def. United States Champion Shelton Benjamin (Non-title) (PHOTOS)
This week, the complexity of the United States Championship picture continued to intensify. It all started when Montel Vontavious Porter carried his recent winning streak down to ringside to join Jim Ross and Tazz at the announce table. Throughout Benjamin's match with Guerrero, the Gold Standard seemed more interested in MVP than his opponent. He soon acted on this, hurling Guerrero into the Ballin' Superstar outside the ring. But, Benjamin's obsession soon backfired when the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" finally took advantage of his foe's distraction and executed a quick counter for the win. Before the smoke could clear, the Franchise Playa' entered the ring and hit the Drive-By Kick on the dazed and confused Benjamin.

WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito & Primo def. World Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison (WWE Tag Team Championship Match) (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Following their non-title victory over Carlito & Primo two weeks ago, Miz & Morrison were granted an opportunity at the WWE Tag Team Championships. But, after Primo knocked down Miz outside the ring, Carlito thwarted the "Dirt Shirt" duo's fevered attempt to become the undisputed tag team champions, drilling Morrison with a sudden Backstabber. Not only did the WWE Tag Team Champions successfully defend their coveted titles, but they also left with their favorite Divas, the Bella Twins.

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