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At No Way Out, Rey Mysterio lost the one thing that seemed most important to him: his WrestleMania main event championship match. On Friday Night SmackDown, he not only got it back, but also picked up a victory in the main event.

As the night began, Randy Orton came out to gloat about his victory at No Way Out. He said that it didn't matter who Rey had cheering for him or who he dedicated the match to, Orton had destiny on his side. The Legend Killer claimed that his father and grandfather were the best wrestlers of their generation, and at WrestleMania, he would fulfill his destiny and win the World Heavyweight Championship to prove that he was indeed a chip off the old block. He said Kurt Angle got lucky at No Way Out, but destiny would overcome luck on April 2. At that point, RAW Superstar Chavo Guerrero ran in and attacked Orton, hitting him with uncle Eddie's signature Three Amigos and Frog Splash. Chavo was hauled out by security, but the damage had been done.

Later in the night, prior to the six-man tag team main event, Rey Mysterio came out to address the issue. He said that he knew Eddie was smiling down on him when he won the Royal Rumble Match, but that he let Eddie and everyone else down by losing his main event opportunity to Orton. He blamed no one but himself, and apologized to everyone. As Rey was ready to leave, General Manager Theodore Long came out to the ring. Long had reviewed the tape, and said that even though Orton cheated to gain victory at No Way Out, the referee's decision was final, and Orton would indeed compete for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania. However, Long said that while he couldn't take Orton out of the match, he could add to it, and gave Rey his opportunity back, saying that it would be Orton vs. Mysterio vs. the champion in a Triple Threat Match on April 2. Later in the night, Long announced that Kurt Angle will face Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship next week in a No Way Out rematch, a match that may determine who faces Orton & Mysterio at WrestleMania.

In the main event, Rey teamed with Chris Benoit & Bobby Lashley to take on Orton, JBL & Finlay. Early on, Orton & Mysterio were in the ring, and Rey kept the Legend Killer off balance with his speed, prompting Randy to tag Finlay. This brought in Lashley, and the newcomer took it to the man who cost him his undefeated streak. JBL broke up a pinfall attempt, leading all six men into the ring. Benoit even got JBL into the sharpshooter, but the hold was broken.

Mysterio's team remained in control until Rey & Orton were in the ring again, and Orton used a cheap shot to take control. Orton's team worked over the smaller Mysterio, who tried to mount a comeback but was caught in the apron attempting to attack Finlay outside the ring. After a while, Mysterio finally escaped by sending Orton shoulder first to the ring post, and JBL & Benoit were tagged in. Benoit cleaned house, but a pinfall was broken up after he hit a flying headbutt on JBL. All six men brawled again, and Benoit took JBL outside the ring, where he dropkicked JBL's hand in between the stairs and ringpost. The move seriously injured JBL's hand, and he was brought back into the ring. Mysterio then hit the 619, and pinned JBL following a springboard splash.

Also at No Way Out, Matt Hardy & Tatanka defeated MNM in a non-title match. They had a rematch on SmackDown, but this time the WWE Tag Team Championship was on the line. Hardy & Tatanka came out strong, but a distraction from Melina allowed MNM to send Tatanka crashing to the floor and take control. MNM kept Tatanka away from Hardy for the majority of the match, with Melina providing key distractions when he managed to take control. The Native American eventually escaped and was able to tag Hardy, who took it to the champions. After Tatanka broke up MNM's attempt at a Snapshot, it looked like the challengers had the match won, and Hardy set up Mercury for a Twist of Fate. Once more, Melina interfered, rolling into the ring and grabbing Hardy's leg. The momentary lapse allowed Mercury to roll Hardy up, and he got the pin with a handful of tights to let MNM retain the gold.

In recent weeks, Gregory Helms has claimed to be the best cruiserweight on SmackDown. This week, it was announced that Theodore Long is making him defend the Cruiserweight Championship every week to back up his words, and this week's opponent was Psicosis. The two men went back and forth, with Helms cockily taunting Psicosis when he had control of the match. As the match neared conclusion, Helms hit a fireman's carry facebuster on his opponent, and looked to finish when he was sent into the corner. Psicosis went to the top rope, but Helms caught him. After a struggle, Helms was shoved down, but used the referee to block Psicosis' attempt to come off the ropes. Helms then ran into the ropes himself, causing Psicosis to tumble from his perch. Helms rolled Psicosis up, and using the ropes for leverage, pinned Psicosis to retain the championship.

Also, Booker T sat in on commentary as The Dicks met the bizarre Boogeyman in a Handicap Match. As Booker & Sharmell complained about Boogeyman and Theodore Long's mismanagement, the bizarre one made short work of The Dicks, pinning Chad after a Choke Bomb. Boogeyman then stalked Booker & Sharmell, causing them to climb over the barrier and escape through the crowd. Not content with that, the Boogeyman dumped his sack of worms all over the announcers' table, sending Michael Cole & Tazz packing as well.

Plus, the bizarre antics of the swashbuckling Paul Burchill continued as he tormented former partner William Regal, and backstage reporter Kristal revealed a different side of her normal conservative self by stripping off Jillian's jacket and then disrobing herself.

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